Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Slump City

Slump City. That's where I'm living now so for the next day or two direct all cards and letters to: 
Slump City, USA 

I used to beat myself up when I visited here for a day or two, but I now know that I shouldn't unpack my bags because the stay will be a short one. I'll hang around long enough to clean the gunk from between the keys on my keyboard, organize my pictures, music, computer wires, and what not.

The upside to these layovers is that my desk looks amazing. The downside is that most of what I write is drivel (though some call it twaddle or perhaps piffle.) I would call it tripe, but that brings to mind an unfortunate eating dare which involved me sampling what some southerners call a delicacy – tripe. For those unlearned in southern culinary leanings, tripe is made from the belly of a cow and tastes what I imagine rubbery sewage would taste like. It took weeks to scrape that taste out of my mouth...but I digress.

What I write is not very good except it serves as a type of life jacket that keeps my head bobbing on the surface just long enough for me to knock off a liquor store and buy a clue about where I'm going, and how to get there.

Until then, I think I'll dust behind my desk.


  1. Hoping your stay at Slump City will be a short one....but know that whenever you return, I will be happy to read your words and take in your photographs.
    Mean it....

  2. Rick I love your writing, even your drivel, twaddle and piffle --I draw the line at tripe, which I too tried once. However, in my own slump, I have perused some prior posts for taradiddle, found some and will inflict on "Trainride..." after supper.

  3. I would hate tripe, but would be happy with piffle.

  4. Slump city is not a nice place to visit but that is where one my find that disgusting food called tripe. Tripe is right beside Schmalz aka bacon fat-German call it a delicacy. I call it clogging of the arteries. Let the Bacon fat cool until it is that whitish crap. Spread it on rye bread, put some salt (because it isn't salty enough) on top and go ahead and eat away-blechhh

  5. Just take a deep breath and clear the air! It helps.

  6. I don't agree that your writing is drivel, but the work of most celebrated writers is criticized as drivel or tripe at some point, so you're in good company.

  7. Anonymous11:47 AM

    When I am in Slump City I usually repost one of my favorite older stuff!!

  8. I call it having "the yuckies". I think sometimes we have to wallow a bit in our negative feelings in order to get rid of them. They will not go away until they have been acknowledged. So we need to recognize them and then give them the boot!

  9. hahahaha ok slump city it is lol

    We used to have schmalz herring in Montreal. The fish was salty and plump with lots of eggs and milk. They sold them from wooden barrels and there was nothing like it back then.
    We would skin it cut it into slices and put it into a jar with oil and sliced onions.
    It was great for break fast or as a snack with some french bread.

    I thought tripe also sounds yucky but I thought it was good when I didn't know what it was .
    The Chinese use it in a lot of cooking esp soups.

  10. Like the picture, but TRIPE? Nada. Funny thing, some appetites that go to the 'hereafter', that boggles my mind. But I am reminded I love Oysters, and they turn my girl's stomach. LOL
    But about your address, It ain't to bad..... (Smile) As my grandson says, YOu do good with nothing to say. And you did....

  11. Oh how I hate slump city been there a few times I don't really want to go back there it is a easy place to fine and hard place to get out of

  12. I have days when I can't seem to be productive and find myself in Slum City too and i'm not even a writer.
    Having to write for a living must be a tough job. Hope the words will come with easier now.


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