Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Writing troubles

There's an old saying when you're trying to go against the flow that goes like this: You might as well be pushing a chain.

Well the last few evenings, I've been pushing a chain. I wanted to write a Memorial Day column for this coming Sunday and it was due today, but everything seemed soulless and as thin as a liars promise. So I quit trying and started thinking about another topic.

I told myself to get a good night's sleep and fix it in the morning. That was sound advice except I kept waking up during the night. When I woke up a 3:50 a.m. I never went back to sleep.  I simply closed my eyes and breathed deeply trying to force all thought from my mind.

Then about 5 AM I rolled out of bed and headed to my office. When I fired p the Macbook, the opening paragraph flowed as if it had been there all along and was waiting until I was ready to write it down.

Within 30 minutes, I'd finished the column. I should have laid back down and slept for an hour or so, but instead I hit the brew button on the coffeemaker.

When I was younger, losing a little sleep would not have been noticed, but I yawned all day today. Even now, I keep looking at my watch and thinking, "Is it too early to turn in?"


  1. I know what you mean Rick... I remember being able to stay up late and get up early... those days are gone... my body needs some rest... have a good rest ;-)

  2. Nap my friend, you earned a nap. Napping is old people crack!

  3. So glad those words came and you were able to complete your writing....
    Have sweet dreams this evening.

  4. There are mornings when I'm up and at em early like that but I'm retired so I can get in an afternoon nap. Hope you caught up on the sleep last night !

  5. Since I was a little girl I washed for day and day and day.

    Today I still wish for day and day and day. There just seem to be not enough hours in a day and when I sleep I sleep because I have to, not because I want to. The best writing comes from a little rest and meditation though, cause even then the mind keep working.
    Glad it worked out for you.

  6. There was a time when I had insomnia and wouldn't sleep for three nights and still be able to function. Now I have to nap in the afternoon if I don't get a good night sleep. I agree, naps are old people's crack.

  7. You seem to have some trouble lately becoming inspired to write. A small thing like an interruption to your normal routine (lack of sleep) made it easier for you to write. Perhaps you just need to shake things up a bit.

  8. I love going to bed, even though I go alone. When I was a writing tutor and a grader for a professor, I told my students who couldn't get started to write something, write anything, just write. It always got me going.


  9. Ahh yes I remember staying up all night and I could keep going. Now I will do the whiplash thing and my head will hit the wall-time for sleep! I hope you get your beauty rest. Love the picture-very cool

  10. It is hard sometimes to write when there is an assignment. It is so much easier when there is not time limit.
    Also, sleep is wonderful.


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