Monday, May 25, 2015


We didn't do anything special today. We spent time resting, reading and reflecting. Jilda's been fighting an infection this past week so we decided some R&R was in order.

This evening we went to her community yoga class at the community center. Out on the lawn is our local War Memorial. Even though we are a small rural county, a lot of our young men died wars. I knew most of the families of the soldiers, sailors, and airmen that died. Some of the soldiers I knew personally. 

Each time I visit the memorial, it seems as though times slows down. Even though there are major roads and a Walmart close by, it seems quieter standing there. 

This evening, the clouds had moved off to the north, giving a short respite from the rain. A gentle breeze out of the south rippled the flags. It was a good way to end this special day.



  1. Funny how 'nothing special' can be SO Special at times. Rick we have enjoyed your comments/entries on Memorial day so much. They just seemed RIGHT! Thanks...

  2. The reverence at the National war memorials is palpable. Most of us feel the sacrifice made by those who served. Did you know that The National Moment Of Remembrance is a law encouraging people to stop at 3:00 PM local time to give a minute of silence to remember those who have died in the service of our country? It was passed in 2000.

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  4. We had a lovely, peaceful day. Willy Dunne Wooters and I had dinner with Favorite Young Man. We toasted my father--not in a toaster. We drank a toast to my father.


  5. Quiet days like yours are special. I do hope Jilda is better soon.

  6. Anonymous11:58 AM

    A very thoughtful post. Get well soon, Jilda!!

  7. Very moving post especially that you know many of the men who have served


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