Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A room with a view

My office at work was small.  No, our kitchen is small...my office was tiny.  It was slightly larger than the closet across the hall where the maintenance guy kept his mop, but it was cozy.

The assistant to the college dean came to me a few weeks ago and told me they'd found a better office for me but it would take a while to get budgets approved, and work scheduled. The office needed painting and flooring.

This week the maintenance guys were toiling away down the hall. I wasn't sure what project they were working on, until the maintenance supervisor asked me yesterday if I was ready to move.

When I walked down to check out my new space, it was much bigger than my closet and it had a window. I smiled when I stepped inside and sat in my new chair.

There's something about having a window. I noticed students coming and going across the courtyard. I couldn't hear the birds, but I could see them flitting from limb to limb in the cherry trees just outside my window.

I have shelves, and cabinets to store all the supplies I use for my job instead of having everything crammed in boxes under my desk and in the corner.

My office now has good feng shui and what not. I think the move may have made me smarter.

At one point I got up and walked outside to stretch my legs. I snapped a photo watermelon colored crepe myrtles blooming in the courtyard.

When I returned to my desk, I launched the streaming app on my computer and listened to cello music while I worked. I love having a room with a view.


  1. I know you will enjoy your new office. Having a window will open the windows to your creativity.

  2. A window is a big deal!

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  4. Everybody loves a happy camper!...... Even Jilda will be happy!

  5. Forster's gentle A ROOM WITH A VIEW finds its way into nearly every life --in imagination-- but not always reality. You are most fortunate!

  6. I miss having a window... I loved being able to pause and look outside... it truly makes a difference xox

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  8. It is wonderful to hear that you now have a window! It's a blessing to have something to gaze at besides a computer sometimes.

  9. This is cause for celebration as you have a new office with windows and some shelves.You might do like Jilda and bring in some pretty flowers.
    Have a great productive day.

  10. I wonder why college campuses and golf courses are usually so picturesque.

  11. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Let's hear it for windows!!

  12. Ah, at last room to expand the mind, fill the senses!

  13. First, congrats on the new truck! I'm so behind in blogging but I saw your post about it. Sweet! Now you scored a new office...with a window no less...Sweet again! Today might be the day to buy a lottery ticket! Of course if you win you won't need that office!

  14. It's important to like the space where you work. My creativity depends on it.

  15. How great that you have a window and a bigger office


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