Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Fun on the farm

Yesterday afternoon I walked the new property we recently bought. It had several trees that blew over last year when storms stomped through the area. Walking back to the barn, I fired up the tractor and headed back on a mission.

The trees had been down long enough that they'd started rotting which makes them much lighter than when they were green. I wasn't sure  the tractor had enough power to move them, but it did. In about 15 minutes, I'd pushed them all off to the side.

Today I walked around the land on foot getting a mental picture of what it will look like when the fruit trees are planted.

We plan to plant apple, pear, and about 30 more blueberry plants. We harvested several gallons of blueberries so far this year, which will be enough for us, but with about 30 more plants we'll be able to supply local restaurants which should put some vacation money in our pockets.

It's always nice generating a little cash while having fun on the farm.


  1. You are so ambitious. My father loved fruit trees. He would sit and draw what someone's land would look like if they were to plant what Daddy envisioned. Some of them did use his plans and some did not. He enjoyed himself either way.

  2. YOu said something that is a fact. There is work that is also fun. Most of my varied 'lives' have been fun. Farming? I have never had success at growing anything, even when I wanted to. Blueberries? my Sherry's favorite berry, mine is the black berry
    I enjoyed the walk around the new property. I enjoyed moving the trees out of the way, the most. (smile) (Nice color in the photo)

  3. Nice to generate a little cash, but lots of work too. Fresh blueberries do sound wonderful. I'm off today seeking some farmers roadside stands in the country. Maybe they'll have some too.

  4. Excellent idea for the extra blueberries. We have a "picking patch" near us that truly makes it worth the effort but it would be so much better to have the plants in my yard.

  5. How wonderful that you can make money doing something you love, aside from writing that is. Take care.

  6. Anonymous4:21 PM

    We used to sell avocados to to a local market until a plague came through our neighborhood & killed all the avocado trees!!

  7. If you get too tired for picking blueberries , you can always turn your blueberry patch into a U-Pick. I have no idea how much blueberries on bush can produce. Sounds like good plan. Blueberries is one of my favorite berries.

  8. Ok I would love to be able to have some fruit trees growing here and some berries as well but I suck at growing stuff and Tim isn't interested


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