Thursday, July 30, 2015


Today was my day to take Jordan, our great nephew, to swimming lessons. He took lessons earlier in the summer, but they think he might be a good fit for the swim team, so he's back for two weeks of additional training.

Today he swam the length of an olympic pool without a lifebelt or assistance from the coach. He also started working on diving (from the starting blocks) and the back stroke. Today was the first for all of these things. He was beaming after his lesson as I walked him to the shower room.

He was so tired afterwards that he almost fell asleep in the truck, and that was at 9:30 this morning.

He's growing so fast.  I'm very happy he's excelling at swimming. I'm sure he would do well in football, baseball, and soccer but those sports can be hard on growing bones.

The column I'm writing next week is about something that happened when Jilda and I went shopping with Jordan and his mom a few weeks ago. I did something goofy and he tried his best to stop me before I erred.

Tune in a week from this coming Monday to get the story.


  1. Can hardly wait for that story. ;-)
    But swimming is such a wonderful thing for a kid. It was one of my favorite past times as a kid.
    I mentioned diving down and taking a drink about 8 feet down in the river for a cool drink as a kid, and a friend from Europe commented, that even 200 years ago you couldn't do that in Europe, it was so toxic. Then I might have been fortunate. LOL
    Good for Jordan, a great exercise and could be a life saving skill in his life time.
    Okay, bring that story on!.

  2. I'll be back on Monday for that story.

  3. Swimming is a great sport for kids. It does get a bit Spartan in later years. I think it is important for kids to become strong swimmers.

  4. When his father and I married, my 16 y/o step-son was an avid member of the school's swim team; and I learned to enjoy attending their competitions. Great, great activity for young men and women alike.

    I love 'uh-oh' stories ... can't wait to hear yours, Rick!

  5. Swimming is my sport. I don't go much any more but when I was younger I lived at the pool.

  6. Swimming is good exercise. I can float. It's relaxing. I still haven't been to the pool this summer because of the daily thunderstorms. Floating is good for my back.


  7. Yea for Jordan. That little kid is unstoppable now. Soon he'll be a young man.

  8. Swimming is excellent and will serve him well. My Aunt took me to swimming lessons and they were of great help. I can't wait to find out what happened:)

  9. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I love hearing about Jordan--he's growing up so fast!!

  10. Cute diving pic! My 9yr old granddaughter was on the swim team for the first time this summer. She really enjoyed it and it sure helped with her swimming skills. I think swimming is a great sport and, speaking from a surgery point of view, we don't have swimming injuries show up too often! Good luck to him! The cutest thing is when Lexi tries to teach her 6yr old sister the tricks of the trade!

  11. I really think that it is great that your boy was able to learn a bit about swimming! What age do you think is too old to learn? My son is almost ten years old. I feel awful that I haven't taught him yet, but he is terrified of the water. Maybe I can show him this article. It may motivate him to learn!


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