Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The saga continues

A woman from Pheonix visited where my wife works yesterday. She asked someone, "Is it always this hot here?" The woman told her, "No, this is July. It gets hot in August." 

I know the mercury gets higher in places like Pheonix, but the air is often dry as snuff. Here in the eastern U.S. and more specifically, in the south...and to narrow it down a little further zip code 35063, we deal with the combination of heat and humidity. The combination can make the devil sweat and consider moving to Colorado.

Anyhow, now that I'm through whining. I will tell you the tree people showed up at 6 AM this morning to cut the tree off my truck and clean up the debris. They finished up before the chickens jumped from the roost.

We still haven't sold Jilda's old Volvo, so I'd planned on her to get me through until the Insurance check came in. Funny thing about plans. They often don't pan out.

On the way to work, the temp gauge pegged, so I had to pull over and call the repair shop. When I check my insurance plan, it doesn't cover rental cars. Well TOOT. (My words were not appropriate here.)

Jilda had to come and fetch me so that I could work from home. We'll get through this and come out the other side smiling.

An upside was that while we were eating lunch, the deer came just outside our front windows to munch from the bird feeders.

To be continued.


  1. Seeing deer always puts me in a good mood.

  2. I know Jilda's V has a name but I forgot it. But that car knew you weren't Jilda and it was tired of being ignored. I know it ain't no fun for something to grab your attention in that manner.

    Good attitude and nice to see deer in YOUR OWN yard. Nice.

    I hope the rest of the plans go 'as planned'.
    BUT, Go ahead cut the top off the cab and drive the convertible.

  3. They say troubles come in trees.

  4. Your first paragraph caused us to chuckle! I'll never forget my son's observation: Down South we WEAR our heat, while it feels like y'all are standing front and center before a blast furnace. (Yes, and we whine when the monsoon causes our humidity to 'soar' to 25% - LOL)

    Since your mention of the tree's suicide attack, I've been eyeballing our two out-of-hand cypress trees. In spite of your troubles, I love how you find a way to discern the sweet spots.

  5. And you would have missed that precious deer if you had been able to make it to work. What good luck!

  6. You have had your share of woe for July so I hope that it will be clear sailing from here on.
    Wow, those dears have long necks.
    I'm wishing you good luck with the truck. I hope your insurance covers damage by fallen tree. They can be so particular with what they cover.
    Enjoy your day.

  7. As you said we can make our plans, but rarely do they turn out the way we want. I have learned that there is a reason for what every happens. It's interesting to note too that we really never know just what our insurance covers until we need it.

  8. You know if you add the option of car rental on your insurance you'll never need to use it the rest of your life...well, that's how it usually works in my life! We have the heat and humidity off and on up here. Today it's a cool 63 this morning and probably won't be a bad day like it was over the weekend. Last week on my way to work my car thermometer said 49de...and I was wearing a sweatshirt over a sweater. Weather like this can make you nuts...which explains a lot! Hope everything goes good with your insurance and I'm glad you can work from home when needed!

  9. Amen about the heat! I was outside for maybe ten minutes Saturday morning, just standing, looking under the hood of the Jeep (pretending I knew what I was doing), and my shirt was so soaked through with sweat.

    Those Tuesday storms were stout!

  10. Oh I would never leave my home if the heat was constant like that. You seem to be having some luck but love the deer photo and in my book about animal totems deer means to be gentle with oneself. Maybe this is a sign considering recent events

  11. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Insurance covers EVERYTHING--except what you need at that moment!!


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