Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Better to remain silent

Facebook has been almost unbearable lately. I'm all for debate and discussing difficult topics, but some of the posts are mean spirited. And that I can't (won't) take.

I've started hiding topics and if folks continue to spew hatred, I plan to unfriend them. Life is too short and there is enough noise in the world without contributing to it via Facebook.

In the spirit of that thought, I'm posting one of my pictures with a quote by Abraham Lincoln.


  1. Beautiful photo and fine quote, Rick. I've never joined Facebook, despite urgings from friends. I don't think it would be good for me. Blogger is quite sufficient --and enjoyable, because it provides a company of good minds, among which yours figures prominently.

  2. I love Facebook, but yes people can get mean-spirited. I don't unfriend unless I really do not like the person, but you can hide topics from certain sources and I do that. Occasionally I get sucked into debates...big mistake

    Life is too short to get stuck with mean-spirited people, I have unfollowed bloggers who just seem to want to push their agenda and do it in aggressive mean-spirited language.

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  4. The quote is the truth, and many never learn that. I despise division, mean division. I stay away from FB but I do go occasionally, and yes I see stuff from folks I know, that hurt. I am amazed seeing stuff that embarrasses me for some folks families.

  5. I'm not without opinions ... but (so far!) have refrained from engaging in fruitless public debate. Thanks for reinforcing my instincts.

  6. Another appropriate saying is: "If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all." I can try to make my opinion known (if necessary) without being unkind or insulting.

  7. Mmmm, Facebook - seems to be some sort of lifeline to many people. I use it on a very, very irregular basis.

    Ms Soup

  8. I don't like mean spirited debates...
    I deactivated my Facebook account several years and I never regretted it. It was just too much in my face and too much unwanted information about people's private live that I could do without. Best thing I could do for myself. I still can reactivate it but it would be for a very important need if I ever do.I never miss it.

  9. Life is too short for sure. I agree, better to be silent

  10. I too find blogging enough of a distraction lol
    Run away liberalism is never a good thing.
    Everything today is headed in the wrong direction.
    Middle of the road is good. Conservatism is good as long as it is not ultra.
    Conservative freedom is good as opposed to liberalism, which always goes too far.
    Once they get one thing, they keep going , keep pushing until every one loses.
    Have a good one Rick.

  11. Wise words. I get very tired of all of the spouting and spewing on FB as well. I wish there were more humility, empathy, and grace being displayed. At least we can control ourselves and try to set a good example.

  12. Anonymous5:38 PM

    I have an FB page, but almost never use it!!

  13. I love Facebook but I avoid the confrontations that appear on it, as the saying goes "say it forget it, post it regret it"


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