Sunday, July 19, 2015


Perhaps the god of mirth thought I was taking the leaning tree of Empire too lightly, or  had nothing better to do on a Sunday morning, but the bill came due today at 10:55.

Just before lunch we heard cracking and crunching. When I went outside I discovered some things...some good and some bad.

The good things were the tree that was leaning was no long leaning. When it fell, it did not damage the house. It also did not hit the propane tank which could have caused...well, let's not think about that.

The bad thing was that it fell onto the cab of my truck crushing the roof down to the steering wheel. I'm fairly certain it's totaled unless of course I wanted a convertible truck, which with the temps dancing with a thousand degrees (OK, it just feels that hot) might not be that bad.

Another good thing is my truck and the house are insured through the same company so hopefully my claim will be seamless.

Another GREAT thing is that my niece Samantha and Jordan who were headed to our house in her car when the tree fell had not made it to the driveway.

All in all, I'd say I was blessed.

You can bet my column next Sunday will be about this event.


  1. I read Jilda's post first. I did not realize other people were also in danger. I am sorry about your truck but it can be replaced. I am thankful no one was harmed.

  2. Ouch! I read Jilda's post and was very happy that nobody was hurt. You can replace the truck but what a mess! I told Jilda I think I'll quit joking about the dead tree in our front yard hitting the roof so insurance can pay for it. I just hope we get it taken down soon because the new roof will probably go up next week and the fates are just mean enough to have the tree fall on the new one! Hope your week is quieter with no storms!

  3. Anonymous10:49 PM

    I had a Mustang once which we decapitated (on purpose!) & made into a convertible. Never did it with a truck, though!!

  4. I HAVE BEEN WONDERING, Now I will wonder no more. OUCH, insurance or not, 'that ain't no fun', sorry to hear that, but, but it does make a good entry. Said with a big smile (NOT). I know you would have preferred an even better ending to the leaning tree saga.
    BUT no one was physically hurt, that does make it good.

  5. Mother Nature thought you might like a new truck and being the helpful gal she is she timed it perfect. No one got hurt and she flattened the roof of your truck. I don't think she like people cutting down her trees.
    Seriously... I'm so glad no one got hurt or killed. Things can happen so quickly.
    For us, a down tree means wood for the cold winter. I'm not sure if you can use the wood for
    heat, camp fires or building furniture but it's going to be a big job to clean up.


  6. I just commented on Jilda's blog how lucky you were but after seeing your pictures here I'd say...HOLY CRAP YOU WERE SUPER LUCKY! That is scary Rick. So glad you guys and the house are ok.

  7. I am glad no one was hurt and, once again, a positive spin which is so nice to read. I guess if anything had to be damaged the least thing was the truck and not the house or, especially, you and family

  8. Bloody hell that sucks, hope you have insurance on the truck and good thing you were not in it when the tree fell on it

  9. What an event! What coulda been is the scariest thing--what actually is the best. Glad you all are safe.


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