Saturday, July 11, 2015

An honest day's work

It was hotter than the devil doing furnace maintenance today, but I still had areas in the yard that needed attention. I'm trying to eliminate snake havens.

I had two piles of limbs that have been building for well over a year. It was time they went. So just after coffee this morning, I hydrated and headed out to burn.

The day was beautiful...well except for humidity so high that it felt like a steam room,  but I couldn't let a little thing like the heat hinder me from my mission.

Piles of debris are where snakes hide and the close call last weekend was a warning shot across my bow. 

I got most everything burned before it got brutal, but I still had to check the fires throughout the day and make sure it burned to ashes.

This evening there were two mounds of smoldering gray ash. 

Jilda worked inside repainting our doors, and some furniture that needed a fresh coat.

After we'd finished, we sat on the couch for a few minutes to rest our bones. Jilda asked what if I'd like to have the grilled jalapenos. She stuffs them with cheese and sausage. We have a special device with holes which are a prefect fit core'd stuffed jalapenos.

I went outside and fired up the grill (as if I needed to be around more fire). When Jilda finished stuffing the peppers, she brought them to me and we sat in the shade and admired our days work as we waited for them to finish.

Even though the sun had already slipped behind the horizon, it was still oppressively hot, but sitting there at the end of the day felt good. We didn't talk much, just listened to the sounds that come in evening. 

After they finished, we poured ourselves cool drinks  and sat watching an old movie that we've seen a dozen times.  Bedtime will come early night tonight.


  1. Good job

  2. Good job

  3. Sounds like a perfect evening.

  4. I love that bright red. The jalapeno's sound great. I have never eaten stuffed Jalapeno's except when my son ordered them at a BBQ place in Florida. I liked them. good to remove 'snake havens'. Sherry felt three snakes today in our walk, over here in SC but all of them were weeds or fallen little tree branches. LOL We did see one small black snake (2') slither off in front of us.
    Greetings from Yemassee, sc, headed for Florida.

  5. Doing a good days work is a very rewarding feeling. But do take care in the heat.

  6. Oh boy...I don't think I could take that heat as I complain about the heat here which will be 30C today and humid. Did I mentioned how much I hate it?:) It looks like you got a lot done-good for you!! The cool drink sounds nice but I would skip the peppers because of sausage which I dislike. You know I have to ask which movie you saw??:)

  7. I have been holed up inside hiding from the heat for the past couple of days. We still have a few more hot ones coming before it cools a bit. Except for the occasional iced tea I have been drinking a lot of water. And watching Christmas movies.

  8. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Keep hydrated!!

  9. Sounds like a lovely and satisfying day. Our heat spell is over for now, most people are not complaining and hoping for Rin, to keep the amount of forest fires down

  10. Sorry, hoping for "rain"....

  11. Sounds like a nice cold beer would be in order after all that yard work on such a hot day, that is if you drink beer, I don't and I don't do yard work ever................

  12. I love Jalapenos but when it's hotter than blazes I prefer some cool food and drinks. The stuffed Jalapenos sounds delicious however.

    You both got a good days work done and it's a good thing to get rid of snake haven.

    I hope it cools off for you guys. This heat sounds evil... I weeded the veggie garden all afternoon and I wore a light long shirt and pants with a wide brim gardening hat to protect myself from the sun. I sweated a lot so now I'm off for a cool shower.


  13. Nice feeling when those projects are done! Everything is so damp here I'm not sure if we could keep a fire burning. Those peppers sound delish...relaxing with a good movie...priceless!''


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