Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Babes on boats

I came across an old picture of Jilda with two of our friends. This picture was taken 20 years ago and when I came across it recently it made me smile.

We've known our friends Tom and Judy since the early 1980s. They loved the river so much that they moved down there many years ago. Where they live is not close to civilization, but they have a little piece of paradise.

They house sits on the banks of the Black Warrior River and they have a boat. There were summers that we spent most every weekend at their house.

Spring, summer, and autumn, we'd cruise up and down the river. When we'd find a secluded slough or creek, we'd pull in and cut the engine.

Soon after the echo of the engine subsided,  the sounds of nature would return. As the water gently lapped against the hull of the boat, we'd hear woodpeckers, martins, and great blue herons.

Fish as big as you arm often launched out of the water after bugs and baitfish. The sights, sounds, and earthy smells on the river are almost primal.

I can think of no better way to spend your time than being on the river with friends.


  1. Anonymous8:40 PM

    I wanna live with you!!

  2. It does sound nice.

  3. You paint an idyllic picture.

  4. I completely agree with Mike above. Also I could say, 'Babes in a Boat....' now that is a real catch! (from the fisherman, smile)

  5. THAT is a perfect day, Rick. :-)

  6. Great memories shared with wonderful friends in nature-how beautiful

  7. Living lose to the water is almost karmic. Right now there is a small creek about half a block away. Water provides serenity in much the same way that a breeze blowing through the trees will.

  8. What wonderful memories. It does sound like paradise.

  9. Sounds like a heavenly way to spend the summer. Maybe it's time to pay a visit wth your friends.
    Have a cool weekend.

  10. Look at those beautiful sun-kissed women. Last night Favorite Young Man and I watched the first DVD of Live Aid, the huge concert in 1985 when he was five years old. We didn't know who a number of the singers were, but we enjoyed all the big hair and the clothes that were so different from what we wear now.



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