Sunday, July 26, 2015

The upside

It's been an interesting week so we had nothing planned today. It felt good to resolve the vehicle dilemma by finding a good truck and a good price. But the yard was still a mess.

Thankfully the insurance company paid to have a tree guy come and remove the tree from my old truck and clean up the driveway, but I still had a mountain of debris in my yard. The initial storm blew down two trees that did no structural damage to our property, but they left a mess to clean up.

My mission today was to eliminate snake havens so I needed to burn pine mountain. I got on it early and soon flames were reaching over 20 feet into the sky.  The tops of nearby pine and sweet gum trees danced and swayed as the heat from the flames rose.

I pulled a chair out of the radius of heat, but the day needed no help from the fire to be hot. Walking over to the outside faucet, I turned the hosepipe on my face and neck. The sweat had already soaked me to the bone, so a little city water wouldn't hurt.

A breeze out of the east kicked up and it almost felt good outside.

After the rage left the fire, I left it to burn the pine slowly. All it would need would be for me to step out from time to time and rake the ends toward the center.  By this evening, all that was left was a hump of gray ash.

Our niece Samantha and her son Jordan came over to walk this evening. I heard him squealing at the front door before they knocked.

"There's a cloud over YOUR house," he announced. "And it's raining." I'd just looked at the Weather Channel and rain seems as rare as a pearl in an oyster. But when we stepped out back for our walk, I saw that Jordan was was raining.

We were all still a little wilted and decided a little rain would do us good. Halfway through our walk,
the bottom fell out and drenched us. We all started laughing uncontrollably. I'm not sure why, but we did. The rain felt refreshing on my skin.

Tonight I stopped at the sink to drink a glass of water before heading to the office to write this entry. When I looked out the window, a deer was under the apple tree munching on the corn I'd left there earlier.

It occurred to me that life throws stuff at you each day and you have a choice. You can get all stompy-footy and pout, or you can look for the upside.

I've learned that it's a lot more fun looking for the upside.


  1. The upside is always better.

  2. I was just talking to my wife about the times we played in the 'quick' showers that came in the NC summer. You described it admirably. I liked that. It is a giddy feeling... One to share with family and friends when found in the situation. Good read and fun visit tonight.

  3. A walk in the rain is so refreshing especially after the heat you have been experiencing. The deer was just a reminder that life goes on.

  4. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Pour me another cup of coffee, Rick--I loved this post!!

  5. Great attitude and rain always seems to freshen things up. I love that picture of the deer. It just seems so idyllic.

  6. We've had huge thunderstorms every day lately. I suppose you send them. It's a good thing because Lake Junebug looked pretty dry, and I depend on those tourist dollars.


  7. I'd say you have the upside covered. What a fire that was!

  8. I'm glad that Mother saw fit at making sure your ashes were wetted down in case you burned your new truck. hehe. I love the part where you guys laugh uncontrollably because you're getting drenched.
    Have a nice evening.

  9. Yeah the upside is good, nice to hear you had the tree removed pretty quick, Jessica only just had the stump of the tree that came down in her yard back in April removed in the last week. Leo is disappointed he liked climbing over the stump


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