Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fortunate wind

I noticed a dead pine in our backyard a while back. I spent an afternoon doing some crude math and stepping off distances between the tree in our house...the tree and our cars...the tree and our shed.

I'm not that good a math, but my scratchings told me that any of the stuff above could be in danger, depending upon which way the wind blows.

I called a tree guy and he came out one day while I was at work. He sent me a Facebook message and said he would take the tree down for $750.

I was hoping for a lower figure, but I'd made up my mind to make it happen when the temps dropped below a million degrees. I'd hate for the heat to make the tree cutters shrivel up like cheap bacon on a gas stove.

There was no reprieve today. Jilda sent me a text at 5:30 PM telling me she was headed home. When I stepped outside to greet her when she arrived, the sky was overcast and a restless wind blew from the north.

While eating dinner, we heard lightning slam down in the distance. Then we heard a blowing rain dinging the roof and windows. Next we heard a rumbling-crashing sound. "This does not sound good," was the thought that crossed my mind. When I stepped to the back deck, the dead tree had blown down, but it blew toward the edge of the yard. It appears the only damage was to the back of the chicken pen.  Hopefully, it won't be too hard to fix, but I'm thankful it didn't fall on the house our cars.

I drove past stump flowers today, so I turned around and shot a picture.


  1. Great that you saved all that money. I'm sure you can repair that chicken pen for less than $750.

  2. Looks like Mother Nature just saved you some cashola! Now, if you would please send her north to a dead tree that's in my front yard and give it a little push so it dings the roof..nothing horrible...just enough to have my insurance co. pay for a new one..roof that is. With all the rain our roof job has been put off another week..so there's still time! Also, I've never heard of or seen stump flowers but they sure are pretty! Glad your home was OK and hopefully the coop will be OK too!

  3. Lucky you. I had to have a tree trimmed in the middle of an extremely cold windy winter day. I felt so bad but it was an emergency. And now you will have firewood.

  4. Sometimes you get lucky! $70 sounds high, but that is not an easy job...and it is very dangerous. I'm guessing you are still in for some work cutting the tree in pieces move it. Might still be worth it for the tree guy to the job. Not for $750.

    1. 5's and f's are sticky on my keyboard.

  5. Now you just have to get out there and cut up the tree. Have a bbq and invite a few people around to help out.

    Ms Soup

  6. Thankful no one was hurt and the tree didn't fall on your car or house.

  7. Mother Nature is trying to redeem herself by taking down that dead pine tee. I'm glad the damage was so minimal. You can put that $750.00 toward a vacation. Hope the temperature is bearable today. We're supposed to get rain today so I'll probably be working inside or napping..

  8. I like it when you have an urge to 'go back' and get the shot. Nice picture.

    What luck on the tree. I know the feeling of stepping off distances of suspect trees. I was with you there. Small price to pay, chicken pen damage.

    Funny I just had an e-mail from Sister Shirl up in NC, She lost a tree in the back yard, no damage. Good news all round.

  9. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Mother Nature must be fond of you!!

  10. Yes it is good that it came down and didn't do much damage, Jessica still has the stump of the uprooted tree in her front yard


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