Thursday, July 09, 2015


I've never done a throw-back-Thursday before but bereft of words this evening, I struggled with this post.

Then a thought hit me. I see a lot of people doing throw-back-Thursday pictures and I always like them so I thought, why not? 

So here is my throw-back-Thursday picture of my extended family on my daddy's side. It's my mom and dad, grandfather and grandmother, aunts, uncles and most of my cousins.The only ones missing are my older brother Neil and my cousin Carlton.

I'm kneeling on the front row, second from the left.


  1. Maybe on account we're the same age(ish?), I enjoy visiting images from this era.
    Hope your first TBT won't be your last.

  2. You have a nice looking family. This was a good throw-back.

  3. I blame it on age, I love old family pictures. They are better if you can identify with one or two subject, Thanks. Old photos make my mind wander.

  4. You have a beautiful family. Old family photos can transport me to the past without having to move. Thanks for the photo. A great tribute to your family.

  5. Pictures like that are priceless for sure !

  6. Such a big energetic family. I love old pictures.

  7. Anonymous12:28 PM

    I love this picture!!

  8. Delightful! this encourages me to take family photos this year.

  9. I love looking at old pictures and to me, this is more of a nostalgia picture because it looks like it is from the early 60's?? Old are the turn of the century. Great picture of the family


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