Saturday, July 18, 2015


Sometimes I sit on the back deck and watch through the trees as the the sun sets to the west. This evening I decided that even though it was hotter than satans sauna with humidity as thick as sap, I wouldn't let it keep me from that magical moment.

When it gets this warm, the wildlife is lethargic. Even mosquitos can't congure up the strength to bite.

Some summers it becomes hazy this time of year. When you look at things nearby, you don't see the haze, but when you look into the distance, things tend to look almost faded. But it hasn't been hazy yet.

This evening my glass of ice tea sitting on the wrought iron table had beads of condensation snaking down the glass. I just sat there for a long while and breathed in the sultry air.

Sometimes I'd rather be a thousand miles away, and yet sometimes there's no place I'd rather be.


  1. Anonymous2:00 AM

    You live in paradise!!

  2. lovely place

  3. Hotter than Satan's sauna, eh? Now that's HOT. It's hot in western Massachusetts now, too, and very humid. The mosquitoes here ARE biting. Yikes! It's hazy, too. This morning, upon getting up, I looked out the window and it was peering into a cloud. I enjoy your posts, Rick, and I think it's great you sit out on the deck like that. (The only thing is I'd be scared of those snakes!" Susan

  4. There is no place like home. It's nice to be able to stop sucking in your stomach and just enjoy being.

  5. I'd be inside with A/C, but then that is me, today. Another time, my feet would be propped up, while drinking ice tea with a friend.

    Great post.

  6. Today is very hot here and I have yet to step out. When I read your posts I think of those novels I read that took place in the South. You make it sound so dreamy and your pictures add to that. I love that you enjoy this even when you would have it a bit cooler:)

  7. It would seem you own a slice of paradise.

  8. It looks like you are living in the moment when you sit on your deck. Feeling content is such a blessing. A man's home is his castle.
    Have a great day.


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