Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bare trees

I walked later than normal tonight. A conference call and some wrap-up work kept me chipping at my desk.

When I looked at my desk clock, I realized I had to scoot to get to the post office. Jilda hand paints our Christmas cards and some of them were going to Europe so they really needed to be in the mail today in order to have a chance to get there before Christmas.

Grabbing my wallet, I stamped my envelopes and dropped them in the box moments before pickup.

After arriving home, I put on my sweats, walking shoes, grabbed my walking stick and headed out. It's been unseasonably warm here until the rain moved out this morning and then the temps dropped like a stone. When I stepped onto the back deck, I realized I had to get all the citrus trees back inside off the deck so the frost won't bite them tonight.

Caillou the wonder dog loped out of the gate the instant it opened and he was off after a rabbit in a flash leaving me to walk by myself.

It was peaceful this evening. After the sun sunk below the horizon, the sky began changing shades every few seconds and at one point was the color of butterscotch.

I realized that all the leaves are now gone from the trees. Some years they hang on until January, but with the recent winds, they decided to give up the fight.

I snapped a picture of the sky through the bare trees and realized that winter is less than a week away.

Hope you all have a remarkable Friday.


  1. Thanks for taking us on a walk with you! We've been very fortunate to have mild temps this Fall. Cold this weekend but warm by Christmas...very strange indeed! Have a good weekend and stay warm!

  2. We're having rain tonight and the snow is melting again. All our trees have been bare for quite some time now. It's been a different kind of weather her too.
    I still haven't sent all my Christmas cards and now I am only reciprocating.

  3. It's been (relatively) mild way up here, also. No snow.. not too many frosty nights. I'll accept it all gladly. Lovely photo you took.. the colours are dreamy.

  4. Holy Moly...HAND PAINTED Cards!! That is over and above.

  5. The scenery is much the same here with the bare trees. I've yet to mail cards here, but they aren't hand painted. Looks like you had a good ending to the day

  6. You should post some of those hand painted Christmas cards. I bet they're wonderful.

    1. Anonymous2:02 PM

      I would LOVE to see them!!

  7. Trees with no leaves show off their true character. Trees are my favorite plants especially those with a distinct personality.


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