Friday, December 04, 2015

Relaxing day

Today was a day of rest. This past week has been intense and Jilda and I both had things on our list we'd planned to do today, but we blew those things off and enjoyed a relaxing day.

We had lunch at our local Mexican Restaurant, came home and took a long nap.

Afterwards we took the dogs for a walk. The air was definitely crisp so I wore my longsleeve workout shirt, but Jilda has thinner skin and gets chilled easily so she bundled up.

When the rain moved out yesterday, it took all clouds and humidity with it. Today was all about blue skies and sunshine. Our walk was delightful.

Later in the afternoon, I walked down close the door to the chicken pen and then I stepped to the back gate. Leaning my forearms on the wire, I realized how much the mercury had dipped. I watched for a while as a bunny rabbit scampered cautiously under the apple tree. He was having fun, but keeping an eye on me.

Up in the pines, I could see the last remnants of sunlight playing in the treetops and I snapped a picture.

This evening I feel I've finally caught up on my rest, and I'm ready to have a great weekend.

I hope your Friday was at least half as good as mine :)


  1. It sounds like you are feeling much better. A lovely picture for a lovely day.

  2. What a lovely day you had. I am happy that you are feeling better finally.

  3. Thank you for sharing this day. I am uplifted and improved by the happy calm of it.

  4. A day like that does do the body a lot of good.

  5. Those days are the best, glad you had a chance to enjoy it. I love how the sun lights up the trees. SWEET!

  6. Nothing rejuvenates quite like a day of rest.
    I love the sun on the treetops.

  7. I love the light in the trees, and I'm glad you're rested and ready for your weekend.

  8. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Good timing on getting better--the weekend is here!!

  9. My week at work has been nutsy and even Friday was a killer, but I'm on the rest mode this weekend trying to catch up on my Christmas stuff and also enjoy the outdoors...although the sun hasn't made an appearance today even though the weather dudes said it would! I'll just sit here and look at your beautiful skies!

  10. Nice that you got a day of rest to catch up on your energy. I hope that you make ull use of it and enjoy a great Sunday. I'm human again.


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