Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday stuff

The rain moved out late yesterday afternoon and the sunset was remarkable. Today when Jilda and I drove to town on errands, we saw that the water at Sipsey Forks had dropped several feet. That's good news for the folks here, but all that water is creeping slowly southward. I'm not sure when it crests down there.

The sky today was gorgeous.  I spent several hours writing my column for Sunday's paper but afterwards, I walked my 10,000 steps.  

Over the next few days, Jilda and I will be working on our goals for the coming year as well as our vision boards. Both of us accomplished a great deal this year, but in looking back, there were a lot of things left undone. 

Does this picture make me look fat?


  1. Anonymous8:10 PM

    That picture makes you look gorgeous!!

  2. I thought the pic made you look down right slender! Have fun with your vision boards and I'm sure the new year will bring the best to you and Jilda...that's my prayer for you guys!

  3. I hope the waters recede everywhere. This has been a scary winter this year.


  4. I think the picture did you justice, maybe a little skinny! ;-)
    I think the rain is headed toward us down in Florida! Hope the flooding is not.
    TAke care, the year is fast coming to a close... Life is good!

  5. Gosh that picture is beautiful-I think of Hope when I see that. There is so much I wanted to get done and I feel like 2015 I did very little

  6. Life is a continual doing, we're never done till we are done for.

  7. Its still raining here in NC. Would love to see some sun. We only saw a little sun flurry on Monday. I love the sunset picture with the cotton candy sky.
    You and Jilda have a Happy New Year.

  8. It looks like your picture has been invaded by a fat Buddha face or maybe it's your reflection. Maybe Buddha approves of your meditations...

    I don't make vision boards but maybe I should. I just make list that I carry from one year to the next and it's amazing how much get accomplished in a year but the longer term goal always carry over to the next year or sometimes the next.

    Happy New Year and new beginnings.

  9. Nope.. svelt and stylish. Lovely pic. :)

  10. The sky in the picture looks like a great pastel work.

    It's my end of the year post to all the bloggers I know and love, even though I've been largely absent this Fall. Here's to 2016! Thanks for your hard work, great posts, and bloggy friendship. Wishing you all the best from "the Flipside."


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