Sunday, December 27, 2015

How highs the water mama?

It didn't rain today which is a good thing. We did our last Christmas gathering this afternoon with the extended family and their extended family. The only kinship of some of these folks is that we all are humans living in the south :) Just kidding. Some of them came from up north.

But it was fun seeing everyone. Jilda and I made it a point to head out before the sun went down because the weatherman is forecasting more rain for our area.  I know it sounds like I whine a lot about the weather, but it's on our minds a great deal.

Tornados and torrential rain swept through here on Christmas Day, but areas in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee also had it really bad. Then another front moved through Texas and officials are still counting fatalities. It's bee a brutal few days.

Yesterday, Jilda and I drove the Sipsey Forks to get a first-hand report. The water was already up into the parking lot, and  the water is expected to continue rising until sometimeTuesday morning. But, the weatherman says we could get more rain tonight and tomorrow. If that happens all bets are off.

We live on high ground, but many of our friends live much closer to the water so our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Tonight we'll be doing an anti-rain dance.

Water is normally 40 feet below this bridge, but it will be touch and go
if the water continues to rise.


  1. I can see that the river is over-full there. I hold good thoughts that there will not be too much flooding.

  2. For sure it pays to listen to the weather, especially when it comes to possibilities of flooding and tornadoes. All it takes is seeing the damage of one flood or one tornado and a lesson is learned if one s smart. 'at's an old song, so I remember it! ;-)

    Thinking of you guys..

  3. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Praying for NO MORE rain for you!!

  4. I truly hope the rain stops there... there has been a great deal of that lately... too much. Stay safe

  5. We live in a low line area beside the St John River and we are officially living in a flood zone so I can really appreciate that you have to heed to those weather warning. Flooding can happen so fast in torrential rain. I really hope that the rain stops. It has been a brutal year for too much rain and extreme weather.

    You are so lucky to be on high ground so you don't flood. I hope you are all safe from tornados also.
    Keep us posted.

  6. Now I am thinking about Johnny Cash just saying and its your fault no rain here, no storms either just another nice day all round

  7. Oh that does not sound good. We are now getting hit with the storm from Texas but it is freezing rain and horrible driving conditions. My sister is leaving at 1:30am for Toronto Airport to go someplace nice and warm but I am praying for a safe drive and no issues with the planes


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