Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gate-post moss

Today's been a low-key day. We knew Jilda had several hours of card painting to do today because the remaining cards must be in the mail in the morning. These go out to people who live nearby so delivery shouldn't be an issue.

My niece Samantha who lives next door is doing some drastic cleaning and rearranging in her room. I've hauled loads of stuff to Goodwill and to the dump. It's hard to believe she had so much in that small room.

Today, she had one antique dresser that she no longer needs and wanted it moved out so she called me. I told her we could store it in the barn. We've learned through the years not to toss good furniture. Families grow, people move or lose all their belongings in tornadoes and house fires. You wouldn't believe how many things we've redistributed through the years.

She called before breakfast so I drove the truck over and helped her load the dresser. She hopped in for the short ride back to the barn. I let the truck idle to warm the cab a little while opening the gate.
Dappled sunlight poked through the underbrush and spotlighted gate-post moss. I pulled the camera from my pocket and snapped a picture before opening the gate.

A few moments later we'd unloaded and by the time we passed back through the gate, the light had changed and the picture opportunity was lost. 

It occurred to me that life is that way. Sometimes opportunity has a short window. If you dawdle too long or think about it too much, the opportunity is lost forever.

Sorry to get all existential and what not, but that happens to me from time to time.


  1. Great observation.

    Then again, "He who hesitates is lost"..."Look before you leap." Sometimes it is a coin flip.

    I guess when it comes to photography the first definitely is the best.

  2. The thing I hate most about taking pictures is the realization of how many fine shots I miss. I'm probably not patient enough to get those great shots.

  3. I like the fact that you are aware enough of your surroundings to not overlook something that is always there. We miss out on so much because we just do not pay attention.

  4. I so agree with you. There are opportunities all around us and many times we do not see them for what they are.

  5. Your thoughtfulness always amazes me. A wonderful thought and plan to save good furniture. My son has bought and sold a couple houses in Florida now. He now has a 3rd. ALL of them he fully furnished with good furniture within 2-3 weeks from furniture on the side of the road.(Including washer and dryer).
    Anyway the entry definitely strikes a cord. Love the gate post. I imagine anyone who loves or has folks in the country appreciate the photo. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  6. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Feel free to get existential, Rick--it makes for some beautiful photos!!

  7. I wish I could get excited like you about photography. I'm taking less and less photos lately and I'm even posting less and less.

    My mom's motto was waste not want not.
    Someone may need that piece of furniture some day. Good for you for putting it in storage.

  8. My daughter is forever nagging me to toss out stuff, this morning she cleaned out the drawers in my computer desk and tossed a lot of stuff out

  9. Your photo is beautiful! You have a good eye and also a good heart to take time to help family move things! Many times I see a sunset and hurry to grab my camera only to find it gone before getting to the end of my driveway!


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