Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Singing in the rain

The rain left a small pond in the lower part of our garden and yesterday our great nephew Jordan came over to investigate.

He'd been itching to try out his new rain boots and when the rain moved off to the north and east, he had his chance.

I heard him and his grandpa out there, so I stepped out to investigate. I heard him singing before seeing him dancing in the puddle.

He's making the most of his Christmas vacation. After this weekend, it's back to school. He's had a large time over the past few weeks.

Happy New Years Eve Eve.


  1. Love the picture! What is it about little boys and puddles?

  2. Oh that picture is great and if there is a puddle somewhere, boys find them. This is a big puddle! Happy New Year!!

  3. Oh the joy of a child dancing in the rain and splashing in a puddle. It makes me happy to look at that child.

  4. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Jordan is adorable!!


  5. Puddles are created just for that purpose! Love the picture, perfect, says it all about childhood!

  6. Perfect - children and puddles go together! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Rick and Jilda - may the new year be kind and happy.

  7. He looks like he is having such a joyful time Rick... Children certainly know how to have fun... When it rains here, I encourage Valentina to go jump in puddles...

    Happy New Year, I wish you good health and much joy this year

  8. Looks like he was having fun


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