Friday, December 11, 2015

Let the decorating begin

We headed out to COSTCO early today to replenish our pantry and get some things for the holiday table. It was a fun trip.

We headed back just before lunch and stopped by Starbucks for a couple of holiday coffees. Our niece Samantha works nearby,  so we decided to crash her workplace. We'd never been there before, but I knew where she worked.

When we walked through the door and asked for Samantha, the receptionist said, "You're Aunt Jilda and Uncle Rick." I wasn't sure if Samantha had every mentioned us there, but apparently she had.

She came over and introduced us to everyone there. We only stayed for a moment, chatting before heading out. We didn't wear out our welcome, as Jilda's mom used to say.

When we got home, we shifted into our decorating mode. After hauling up the storage bins from the shed, I left her to work on the inside while I went out and dug up a Christmas tree. It was a tree we had the year before last. It's grown about a foot since we replanted it, but it wasn't hard to dig up. It's a beautiful tree.

We'll get Samantha and Jordan to come over and decorate it tomorrow. I'm sure we'll listen to Christmas music, drink Christmas hot chocolate, and have a large time trimming the tree.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

December Sky


  1. Anonymous6:17 PM

    It sounds like Samantha was thrilled to see you!!

  2. How fun that you could surprise Samantha. I'm sure she was thrilled.

  3. Wonderful December sky. Have fun decorating the tree.
    Ms Soup

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment :) Costco is always good to get there early I think :) Added bonus with Starbucks and a visit with your niece :) Enjoy decorating for Christmas!


  5. How sweet to find out that you are highly regarded by your niece. I find it neat that you dig up your tree to decorate it. Enjoy decorating!

  6. It is beginning to look like Christmas ! Despite the fact that we are without snow and it'll be 60 degrees here, there are a lot of decorations up everywhere I go. Nice you have your own tree to reuse for Christmas. That is something that is rarely done here as usually the ground is frozen.

  7. I have never been to Costco. Only bought online from them. I need to find one around here and visit. Everyone talks about how nice that store is.
    I've also never heard of someone digging up their last years tree and using it again. How clever.

    Nothing like hot chocolate and Christmas music. Enjoy

  8. Hello Merry Christmas to you all! I do believe that decorating is half the fun and joy! I love that you use a real tree and you just dug it up! Let the joy begin and memories be made...
    Always, Roxy

  9. I had a wise dad, like Jilda's mom. ;-) My son who used to live at Books a Million and now lives at Starbucks, says you guys are wise also.

    Most of the family arrives today...

  10. You and Jilda seem to planning a relatively stress free Christmas as it should be.

  11. I didn't know you could dig up a tree to reuse...hmmm...anyway, it sounds like a perfect way to start the weekend and your holiday fun! I've had the inside decorated but we are way behind on the outside!

  12. Your living tree must smell wonderful. I used to gather all the grandkids to help decorate the tree and made a day of it to make memories for them. Now I have to decorate the tree by myself. Not as much fun.

    Have a great week.


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