Saturday, December 26, 2015

Strange and wonderful

When I stepped out on the deck at 5:50 this morning, wispy clouds from the south were drifting off to the north as if they had no where to go.

The air was still way too warm for December, but I could hear birds and other critters bustling. They sounded almost like they do in early spring as they prepare for nesting and all the things they do when the weather warms.

After coffee, Jilda slipped on the new walking shoes that Santa brough her before we headed out for a short walk.

Outside our gate, something caught our eye over on the terrace row where the blueberries live. I shook my head when I realized that what we saw were buds as big as ticks on the ends of the stems. This warm weather and rain has them guessing what time of year it is. There's a good chance they will bloom out tomorrow when the temps push into the mid 70s.

By next weekend, the temps will be 30 degrees lower and the blueberries will be confused, asking themselves how they could have misunderstood. We live in a strange and wonderful place.


  1. Anonymous1:28 AM

    The world is always unpredictable, but quite often WONDERFUL!!

  2. The daffodils have popped up here on the side of the house...very confusing time. By New Years we should have snow.

  3. YES! we do live in a strange but wonderful world. This was a 'sweet' read, I like it. However that 5:30 AM skeers me! :-)

  4. You are up early. I would sleep in late if I had a chance... I used to get up earlier but I told my husband it was crazy to have to wake up the calves to feed them so now I get up at 6:00 Am and it's still too early for me. I'm, definitely not a morning person. My husband gets up at $:40 AM. crazy man....

    Birds are also confused with migration and bird watchers are seeing some birds that should not be here this time of year. When the cold hits, they won't make it to their usual migrating place. Plants also are confused, maybe we are confused too.
    Have a safe night.

    1. Oops, that should read 4:40 A.M.

  5. The world is strange but that is ok with me, blueberries not a fruit I have ever tried Leo loves them though

  6. The clouds you saw headed north were in my neck of the woods today along with tons of rain. The cold is heading our way too. So I'm guessing our warm weather is at an end..oh well, I can't complain, it's been wonderful, just as you say it is!

  7. That is my fear about all the trees and plants. I wish it would snow-better for everything including us. Merry Christmas!!


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