Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Last night had a lot of eyes on the sky throughout the south and midwest as storms stomped through. At 9 p.m. when I stepped onto the deck to dump the old coffee grounds, a thick warm wind was blowing out of the gulf. In fact, the mercury rose after the sun went down.

We stayed up past 11 p.m. which is LATE for us, and even after we laid down, we were up checking radar throughout the night.

When the morning light slashed through the edge of the bedroom blinds, I was drooling on my pillow (just kidding.)

We swilled down a few cups of coffee before walking next door for our annual Christmas Eve breakfast and Jilda's brothers house this morning. He has three kids, and six grandkids. Fun was had by all.

Later, some of the grandkids came over here to bake Christmas cookies. Jilda makes a special cookie dough and the kids come over to punch cookies out of Christmas cutters. The next step for them is to
load the cookies down with colored Christmas sprinkles.

I took a phot of them all, but I'm sure Jilda will want to use it on her blog.

After getting the kids cranked up on sugar and artificial flavoring, we sent them careening home and we took a nap. I love America.

I hope you all have a remarkable Christmas.


  1. I've been thinking about you guys all week as the weather channel was showing the possibility of tornados down south. I'm glad you're OK and enjoying the spirit of Christmas with your family. We had a storm last night with lightning and thunder galore, but no damage and today was 60de and weird for here! Anyway, have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Children making cookies, that is a fun Christmas.

  3. Nice to have children to visit and then go home so we can take a nap. I feel the same with my grandchildren.

  4. Merry Christmas to all!!! Love the cookie picture and Love reading Jildas blog too!

  5. Aw, Kids, Cookies and Christmas things are great around Rick and Jilda! What wonderful memories you guys leave in your wake!

  6. Christmas cookies are the epitome of family for Christmas. The kids will remember them forever.

  7. Anonymous12:29 PM

    The little doll in the photo must be your niece Daisy. Enjoy Christmas with your wonderful family, Uncle Rick & Aunt Jilda!!

  8. Christmas is always better when there at children around

  9. Ah! Cookie dough is magical stuff, indeed.
    We spoke w/ my son and family today -- who've been inundated by absurd amounts of rainfall, but no tornadoes, thank God. When you mention checking the radar, I wonder if you've a storm cellar or other safe haven in which to flee?

  10. Children and Christmas go together like a horse and buggy. Having the kids around at Christmas time reminds us of our own Childhood Christmas.
    Wishing you Health, Peace, Joy, Love and Contentment for the New Year.


  11. How fun to spend Christmas in the presence of children. Glad you has such a wonderful Christmas.


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