Saturday, December 12, 2015

It ain't heavy, it's our Christmas tree

I staged the tree to bring inside for decoration. The tree stand is a #3 washtub. Wrestling the tree from
the wheelbarrow into the tub was a CHORE, but wrestling that baby up the front stairs and into the house was an even bigger chore.

The tree with the root ball weighs only marginally less that a Buick LaSabre with an anvil in the trunk. So I bent my knees to be kind to my back and stepped it up the stairs one at a time before putting the tub on an old beach towel. Once on the towel, I could easily drag the tree inside and into place.

When we looked through the decorations for the lights we remembered that the lights from last year had issues and were tossed when we took the tree down on New Years.

I could have jumped in the truck and fetched some lights from the store, but we both had a good bit of work to do getting the house tree-ready so we decided to get the lights when we went to town tonight and put the tree up in the morning.

I'll post pictures of the decorated tree. Right now, I'm going to drink my hot tea and hit the hay soon. I hope you all have had a remarkable Saturday.


  1. I had a bad back for years from moving a tree with the root ball! Tree died anyway cause I never pre dug a hole for it to stay during the rest of the Winter.

    Looks like a beauty though.

  2. It is a beauty. I am looking forward to the finished product.

  3. It looks like a good one for decorating. I was with you on the weight until you added the anvil, then I thought that is a stretch! LOL

    Good one.
    It is 3am and we just got in from our next to last couple's arrival, These from UTAH!
    Two mor in the mornng and the whole crew will be here.

  4. I'm thinking this may be the last year to bring that tree indoors, another years growth on it sounds very daunting. I can only imagine the smell in your house. I love pine!

  5. It really is a beautiful tree. Don't you need to put it in the garage for a few days so it can acclimate before bringing it into the house?

  6. All that BBQ you packed away last night should give you the strength to light that sucker today.

  7. Anonymous12:12 PM

    It's gonna be gorgeous, I bet!!

  8. I have never had a real Christmas tree growing up we had one made out of tinsel so that was what I was used too this year I only have a small tinsel tree that sits on the top of the entertainment unit

  9. The tree is getting bigger and you are getting older with every year passing. Better be careful with that back. That's friends are for to help you carry those heavy trees in the house. Nothing like live trees to bring that Christmas smell in the house.
    Have a great day.


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