Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Happy Birthday Mama

If my mother had lived, she'd be 91 today. I have very few good pictures of her standing around, because her hands were always busy with work - cleaning, baking, or bouncing children on her knees.She never felt she photographed good, but the reason was that in almost every picture taken of her, she'd be talking or making a face.She had a twisted sense of humor that few people "got". I think that's where I learned the art of humor.I posted this picture on Facebook today and I got several comments from people who knew her through the years. What follows are a few of the comments left today.

Rick I spent as much time at your house as mine your mother was a first rate mother to all of us I have memories of her same as my mom and dad your mom proved how much she cared especially when it was time to whip us she got my Respect for that everyone was treated the same we all have that to rember some of my favorite memories where at your house we are Brothers Forever Love you Brother

Oh, I miss Nana!!! She always kept me in line. She would be so proud of Laura Lee Ellis.
I miss her to I have no one to give me advise anymore
She was a wonderful lady ,I miss her and know you have an aching heart , my little brother spent time at your house too , thank goodness for our special memories.

Happy Birthday Elwanda, always looking for my hug.

She produced some awesome children!
There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her. 


  1. Mothers are rare beings. They are always there for you and she was there for you and it seems, your friends and everyone else. I love her first name-Elwanda? It's different and (no kidding) I like different. My mom often had her mouth open or being caught when she was taking her glasses off. back in the 70's and 80's she didn't want to be caught with her glasses on. My mom is 87 and will be 88 in February. I miss her because she has dementia. She knows me and can converse but she forgets what is being said right after it is said. It's her and..it's not her. So cherish the memories and happy birthday to your mom. A candle is lit in her honour...really!

  2. My mother is still with us (she's also ninety-one) but I lost my dad unexpectedly in 2008 and I continue to miss him terribly. I think we never get over the loss of our parents.

  3. Every neighborhood used to have what I call the "Backup Mom," the mom of the house where everyone seemed to hang out. They were like second moms to us, doling out discipline and love in equal amounts. Apparently your mom was one of these ladies to many in your neighborhood. These backup moms touched so many lives.

  4. Sweet happy birthday tribute to your Mother.
    Gentle hugs to you.....

  5. Anonymous10:54 PM

    We never really lose the people that we dearly love--they live forever in our hearts!!

  6. Nice to have those comments of people who knew your mom. Wonderful memories and a great tribute. I agree we really never lose the people we love, they do live forever in our hearts

  7. How sweet... your mom sounds like she was really special Rick...:)

  8. It seems that GONE are the days when kids practically exchanged houses and parents. Times when 'NO manners' was not tolerated.
    I love the picture of your mom. Funny how we can bring up a memory so it seems only yesterday our parents were here and sometimes 'cutting -up '. It is also satisfying t know someone else remembers! NICE!

  9. Greetings, I shall always be rateful for my Mother... Writing this was a good thing to do; it shows the impact a good mothers makes on her family and loved ones, even when they have passed. Some things will never change, and wrong is just that wrong, so when an mother figure speaks into a life it carries a big impact!

    1. Oh snap, I meant grateful, I really think my keys or brain are wearing out haha...

  10. Such a nice tribute on her very special day. I am sure she knows how special she is, and how much you all love her even when she has left this world.
    It is such a delight to know about her, and the fact that you are a writer has a lot to do with her sense of humor makes me understand that she did not leave you guys without leaving a legacy as you are a very good writer indeed.

  11. PS. Your mom seems like a deep thinker from the picture. Must have been a very thoughtful lady.

  12. I have few pictures of my mother too. I think mothers are content to let the rest of the family take the spotlight while Mom just stands to the side smiling.

  13. God bless your sweet heart.


  14. Happy Birthday to your special mom Rick. Great comments from those who knew her. She's looking down from heaven so you better behave.

  15. She sounds like a wonderful lady and the kind of mom kids in this day need! How lucky you were to have her. Hugs to you.


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