Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Tea sunset

I'm reading a book the Book of Tea. It was recommended reading in one of the meditation classes that I've taken recently.

I wasn't sure what the book was about or whether it would be something I would enjoy reading.

As it turns out, it's about tea. I know what you're thinking - What a waste of time. But it was written by Okakura Kakuzo. His ancestry is Japanese and this book is about more than just tea. He does talk about the history of tea, but he puts it in context and describes its impact on art, beauty, and simplicity.  I'm only about three chapters in, but so far, it's a beautiful book.

The best part about reading is the surprise you experience when you least expect it.

When I walked late this afternoon, the sun was dawdling on the western horizon. Apparently it was waiting until I passed by the old house at the right moment to snap a picture. It's a reflection of the setting sun in the ancient glass of the windows.

When I got back home, I had a cup of green tea.


  1. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Ah, this book has been on my 'to-be read' list for a long time! Glad to hear it's good.. maybe I'll have to go see if the library has it next time I go.

  2. I find myself wrapped in a genre' and cannot break out. The same with writing ideas, I am stuck. I have three books started, all dealing more with 'How to',RV's and FAmily.

    I end up spinning more historical FICTION , then changing it.

    Glad you are enjoying the book, nothing better than finding a page turner. I have dropped three and now working on a Clive Cussler that Imma liking.

    TEA! A few years ago we dropped the 'diet sodas' and started drinking the Green Tea that comes by the gallon. I made the green tea for a few months then took the easy way out. I hope it is good for us.
    Love the reflection shot, the siding brought back Grandpa's house to my memories.

  3. When I said dropped three books, I refuse to read something I do not like. So if I cannot enjoy it, I leave it. My Sherry is opposite, she will labor thru one hoping she will find that thrill hidden somewhere. LOL

  4. I've heard of this book but you've convinced me to seek it out.

  5. I have not heard of this book but I am certain it is about life and not just tea:) Love the picture of the setting sun in the glass

  6. Tea and sunsets are a very good combination !

  7. You can't go wrong with a classic book. It make a great conversation subject. The book sound interesting if you're interested in culture like my daughter is.

    Even if I don't know much about tea and it's importance in culture I sure know a good cup of tea when I taste one. I love my tea and so does my husband.

    I bet the Boston Tea Party isn't mentioned in that book. lol
    Enjoy a slow cup of tea.

  8. Anonymous1:41 PM

    That was one of your TOP photos!!

    1. Anonymous1:44 PM

      Thanks for the recommendation--I just bought the book (free on Kindle)!!


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