Sunday, December 06, 2015

Enjoyable weekend

We gathered at the home of Jilda's sister along with her other siblings. Her brother Ricky turns 62 in January and he's the baby of the family.

Back when Jilda's parents were living, family functions usually meant almost 30 folks clammoring for position I the food line. After her parents died, it seems the family scattered in the wind and it's hard just getting all the siblings together.

These gatherings are alway fun and I always find myself asking why we don't get together more often.

When people started leaving, we offered to stay and help cleanup, but that didn't fly so we headed out too.

My folks are buried in a small country cemetery not far from her sister's house so we decided to run by there and decorate their graves with the Christmas flowers we bought yesterday.

The sunbathed cemetery was peaceful and I sat on a nearby tombstone and watched Jilda do her magic with silk flowers and strips of ribbon.

Afterwards we ran over to where her folks are buried and repeaded the process.

It was a lazy evening for me. I sat working on the final from my songwriting class while Jilda wrote her monthly column for The Leaf Magazine.

I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as ours.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun but poignant weekend. Take care.

  2. It sounds strange but I like going to the cemetery to decorate the graves. It makes me feel closer to the ones that are no longer here.

  3. She is doing a beautiful job on the silk holly for your parents and hers. I am certain they are smiling.

  4. I feel the same way after our family gets together.... I wonder why we don't do it more often. I have to say I truly appreciate the time we do get together, even if they are few and far between... Have a great week Rick ;-)

  5. Family get togethers are wonderful. I'm hoping my children continue on with them long after I've gone. I also made the visit to the cemeteries this week. Important to remember those we've loved and lost and it's important to pass on the memories of them to our families too.

  6. Amazing the though processes during and after family gatherings. SAdly ours has deteriorated to funerals where I always say, "I am going to take time to visit family more", but seldom do.

    The picture says so much. I lean to Sherry's family, they always decorate graves, my family not so much. But I have talked to here sweet mama at the grave site many times during the 'decorating'.

    Good family entry, love it.

  7. Keeping the family together really requires some effort. We used to go to my parents at least once a year for their wedding anniversary but after dad and mom died the gathering stopped until my brother got the idea to have a family reunion at his house early in December every year. We have a very large family and those who can't make the trip are able to Skype of have a tele conference call with their sibling. I think it's a great way to join the party and speak to everyone.

    Bringing flowers on the grave is a thoughtful gesture.

    Have a great day.

  8. My own family has spread to winds or died, sadly. My husband's family is a tight cluster, and spending time together is precious.


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