Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A beautiful place

I started therapy on my knees a few weeks ago. Each year, doctors inject the joints with my knees with a substance designed to add cushion. For a five or six months my knees are not bone on bone. The needle used for these injections feels like it's as big as a Dixie straw, but that's probably just me being a wimp.

The injections are followed by therapy. My niece Samantha is a physical therapy assistant. She cuts me no slack. When I start to complain, she gives me that "suck it up whiny baby" look and I buckle down.

This morning's session was at 9 a.m. and by 10:30 I was on my way home. My windshield view was a perfect late-summer sky. Blue sky and clouds that looked like the innards of a home-cooked biscuit.

At one point, there was a field of corn on the crest of a mountain. I've pulled into the entryway to this field during fall and winter. When I walk to the edge of the garden and look toward the west, it looks as if I could see Mississippi. It's a beautiful view. 

Pulling in today, walked to the edge of the field, the corn was as thick as thatch. I didn't want an observant farmer mistaking me for a critter, so I stepped back and settled for a picture of the sky.

I'll shoot another picture from this vantage point in late Autumn when the corn is plowed under, and the leaves have fallen. I think you'll agree that it's a beautiful place.


  1. It is funny WHEN I see a thick field of corn I think back to dad and grandpa saying, plant it too thick and it won't make good ears. we planted about a 'baby step' apart.
    But yes, a beautiful picture. You do catch some very good ones!

  2. Just don't shuck it early.

  3. Anonymous11:42 PM

    What a gorgeous sky!!

  4. I like the angle of the line of corn and the foliage contrast between the trees.


  5. Love that sky. And hope the knees are treating you kindly.

  6. When I see a corn field it reminds me of when we grew a lot of corn. We grew some for cattle that wasn't sweet and sweet corn for us. We haven't grown corn for a long time.
    Beautiful sky. I hope your knees feel better after those injections.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Nothing says summer more that seeing fields of corn.

  8. It is a beautiful view and a great reward for the therapy session. Hope relief is on the way.

  9. Do the injections make your knees look like boobs that gradually flatten out?


  10. I too have knee cartillage problem. I've mostly solved it by shedding some pounds. When the load on the lnees got lighter I was able to go for a long-distance walk once or twice a week. I find it very helpful. I tried to persuade a relative of mine to do the same but she prefers the meds(inclusive injections).These are temporary relief measures, and now she's facing surgery.

  11. Your knee injections sound painful. But I will have to ask my doctor about them next time I go.


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