Saturday, August 12, 2017

From out in left field

I'm here brushing the dust from between the G and H on my keyboard and Jilda's sitting not three feet away writing her blog. Her keyboard sounds is if it has a woodpecker on it. She makes me mad sometimes.  I want to lean over and smack her upside the head.

Of course, I'd never really do that because I'd have to go to sleep some time and there's really no telling what misfortune she's heap upon me. Also, I'm very fond of her cooking and I'm certain I'd never get a chance to eat any more of her food unless it got REALLY cold in hell.

So, I got a grip and stopped blaming my lack of ideas on her. Soon this squirrelly idea came to mind and I went with it.

I'm stuck on butterfly pictures. I know they must be tanking up right now. They are swarming the zinnias like mosquitos around a fat baby right now.

When I stepped down this evening to dump the scraps into the compost bin, I saw a swarm of butterflies and walked over to snap a few frames. Tonight, that's all I have to give.


  1. All you have to give looks pretty damn good to me.

  2. What a fashion conscious butterfly. So beautiful and delicate.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. I'd never get tired of butterfly pictures. You are right about them tanking up. It won't be long now and they'll be migrating south. I think somewhere in my reading that many go as far as Argentina. They are very inspiring !

  4. I have been playing a game lately with TWO Left fields. I remember my DI's favorite saying, "YOur other left stupid!" One can never get enough of Butterflies,,,,,,..... ;-)

  5. What is Jilda typing on, a Commodore 64? Get her a keyboard that has no click.

    Lovely picture.

  6. Thank you for "settling" on the lovely reds. The flowers and butterfly are stupendous.

  7. Anonymous1:39 PM

    I don't think I could ever get tired of your photos!!

  8. It's enough to give. Lovely photograph.

  9. "Like mosquitoes around a fat baby" you have a way with words Rick, I don't see you running out of ideas ha ha.

  10. A butterfly on a zinnia paints a thousand words.

  11. Butterflies create such a world of happiness. Love to watch them.

  12. Rick, being technology challenged I made several attempts to comment but my IPad would freeze up, I refused to give up! I've enjoyed all your
    photos but the lovely beauties on the wing have been food for the soul as has your reflections. They've served as a reminder of life's fragility.

    When I was young girl I remember hundreds of small yellow butterflys gathering around the flowering hedges. Then larger, more colored ones arrived signaling Autumn was on the way. Were these Monarchs?

    Monarchs disappeared & were close to extinction from loss of habitat & pesticides. Thanks to certain organizations, their numbers are increasing but the danger is far from over.

    The US Postal Service recently issued a stamp honoring the "special pollinators," a reminder of the role bees & butterflys play in keeping our fragile web of existence intact.

    I'm sorry for using your comments section as a public service announcement but rush right out & purchase your beautiful "protect pollinators" stamps. I enjoy the blog.

    I'm sorry Jilda but I had to laugh at your hubby's remarks about your noisy keyboard.


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