Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Cows and bitterweed

The sun's been hiding for the last several days. I won't wish away the rain. After going through a drought last year, I promised myself I'd never curse the rain...but still, I miss the sun when it's on vacay. 

This morning was no different. When Jilda left for her early morning class, the fog was thick as meringue. 

I'm doing physical therapy for my knees, and my appointment was at 9 a.m. in a town twenty miles to the east. The fog had lifted, but the sun was still MIA.  I saw some possible pictures, but the muted light made the subjects look as flat as onion skin. 

Just after lunch, Jilda, our great nephew Jordan, and I drove to Aldi's for produce, chocolate, and chips. We somehow walked out without the chips. We don't eat a lot of chips, but we love those carried by Aldi's.

On the way home, the sun peeped through the clouds. Jordan who was buckled in the back seat rolled down the window and looked out. I think he missed the sun too. 

Passing a pasture, I noticed cows lying around enjoying the afternoon sun. I slowed as I passed. Pulling into the driveway of a nearby barn, I turned around and parked on the roadside. 

The cows were interested, but not enough to stand. The just laid there munching and mooing. The name of the yellow plants in the foreground is bitterweed. 

Since I hadn't shot a fresh photo in a few days, I thought it was time.



  1. Awesome photo! The bitterweed is beautiful! I had to read your previous posts and the one for Hook was the sweetest one ever! So glad you saved him and gave him such a wonderful home! Hope he had a great bday!

  2. When the cows get into some weeds it makes the milk taste funny. I used to really really hate that.

    1. YES!, I remember the milk sometimes had an onion flavor years ago, but no more, I guess our local farmers keep them away from onion grass.

  3. Now Paula's cows down in Texas are gonna be jealous! It is a peaceful shot though! AND yes we do miss the sun when it is missing!

  4. It is lovely - but your 'old' photos are new to me. And very welcome.

  5. As I'm very affected by the lack of sun I do miss it when it's gone. This summer has been beautiful for the most part and I've felt energized...thinking of fall coming and then winter makes me very thankful for what light we have right now.

  6. I love the rich colors in your photo.

  7. I had never seen Bitterweeds until now. I'm wondering if the cows eat those. It would make their milk taste bitter I think. It is a beautiful picture.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Anonymous2:54 PM

    The cows were obviously on their lunch break!!

  9. I'm doing some catch-up reading, hence the late comment. Those cows are great, especially the speckled one under the tree.



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