Thursday, August 24, 2017

Time before clocks

I had to board the way-back machine tonight. I've been indoors most of the day and didn't have an opportunity to take a decent picture. So I went back in time.

In 2007, Jilda and I spent my birthday at Wheeler State Park not far from Tennessee. Winter on the water can be picturesque. Sunsets are often more vivid because there aren't trees to obscure the light.

I almost waited too late on this picture, but I you can see a hint of color. Pink on gray is one of my favorite combinations. The colors make me think of time before it was measured with clocks and calendars.


  1. Anonymous10:09 PM

    So peaceful!!

  2. Sunsets are awesome, even in life!

  3. Have you ever noticed how animals know what time it is without a clock? yep, your pets know when your expected home and I think its from the light of day.
    Awesome frame worthy sunset photo.

  4. This is just beautiful and pink and grey are a lovely colour combo

  5. Pink and grey are the colors of serenity. A beautiful picture.


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