Friday, August 25, 2017

Company's a comin'

We're having a picking party tomorrow. Several of our music buddies will converge on the homefront with guitars, banjos, harmonicas, and a tuba. OK, I'm lying about the tuba but if we had someone who played one they would have been invited.

As always, when we have company we go into a cleaning frenzy during the days leading up to the event. I finished up this evening by cleaning our great room windows.  That's no easy feat. The windows go from floor to ceiling. The height inside is 14 feet outside it's closer to 18 feet because the house sits on a foundation. 

I'm leery of ladders, but I'm very careful to ensure it's level. I also never lean while standing higher than two rungs. 

While I had the ladder inside, I also cleaned the ceiling fan which is about 10 feet off the floor. I could have planted potatoes with the dust that came from the fan. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it.

We haven't had one of these in a long time and everyone we invited seems as excited as we are.

On another topic, the Birmingham paper for which I write asked me to do a new profile picture that runs with the columns in that publication. The one they currently use is over 10 years old. Jilda shot one of me writing early this morning. Let me know if I don't look "writerly."


  1. You like like one who imparts nothing but wisdom!

    Picking party sounds like fun.

  2. Enjoy your picking party.
    Love the photo.

  3. Very writerly - direct eye contact. Have a truly wonderful time making music.

  4. Love the photo!
    There's nothing like company coming to spur on the cleaning frenzy, haha.

  5. A lot of authors would be jealous. It's a great picture.

  6. Yeah.. Good photo. And suitable gravitas.


  7. I ain't sayin nothing agin it if Jilda shot it. LOL the LOL is for the windows, I did smile. My SIL handed me the plans to their new house, 4 months later when it was finished, She asked, "Jack how am I gonna clean those high windows?" I did smile when I said, "I clean 'em once, after that they are your problem!"

    YES 18 feet is HIGH! Here is hoping the weather stays away.

  8. We go onto the same frenzy when we are expecting company. I think Nick plans a few a year just to get me to cleaning! Ha.
    Your new photo is great. Yes it looks writerly enough. Wait...thats a word? Spell check didn't try to correct it.

  9. Walt Whitman comes to mind...

  10. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Why does Hemingway come to mind when I look at you?

  11. Company can be fun and all unless the company are people you don't like then maybe not so much fun as an annoyance and you may think if I don't like them why would they be visiting well in my case I was/am related to them they are my inlaws, thankfully haven't seen them in a bloody long time.

  12. You look like a quintessential writer/newsman.

  13. You look like an old style newsman...all you need is a hat with a pencil placed on it.


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