Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Wednesday on the homefront

Ol' Hook jumped a rabbit on our afternoon walk and he was off. My first impulse was to call him back, but since he's deaf that would have been wasted wind.

We finished out walk and came back inside to cool down and hydrate. Normally, Ol' Hook comes back after he realizes he outrun his backup and hustles back to the gate. This evening, that didn't happen.

After about an hour, I was concerned. Jilda and I both slid on our shoes and headed back out. Our old bulldog Taylor went missing several years ago in August. The weather was brutal.  We called for hours and she did not return. After several days, I walked through the wood in the hollow beside the barn. I expected to find her body. I found her half buried. She'd chased a rabbit in a hole and tried to dig him out. She was still alive. I had to run home and get a shovel to dig her out. I took her to the vet, but they weren't sure she'd make it. Thankfully she did. But that's what I envisioned for Hook.

Thankfully, when we rounded the barn and started back up the road, we heard him running as fast as his legs would carry him. I guess he smelled our presence on the wind and decided it was time to head home. I scolded him, but it's hard to stay mad at this goofy dog.

On the way back, I saw some tall grass at the edge of our garden. The setting sun was highlighting the tips of the grass. Pulling the phone from my pocket, I snapped a few frames.  I'm not sure what I did before I got a phone with a camera.

I hope you've had a good Wednesday.


  1. Golden twinkle lights in a unique formation. I use my iphone for most of my photo taking, always handy.

  2. I am so glad Hook came running home. My anxious heart was in my mouth.

  3. I smiled. We still call Janie when she takes off even knowing she is deaf! Glad Ol' Hook is OK. I love to see the sun light up a plant!

  4. Thankfully your Hook is well and home again. Love the pictures you captured! Yes, it is great to have a phone with a camera!

  5. Is it possible to have a collar that will vibrate off a remote or something so Old Hook could be trained when hand signals were not possible?

    Scary to think a dog could get stuck digging a hole.

    1. Anonymous4:47 PM

      That sounds like a good idea!!

  6. Your blog is always filled with the light and sounds of the outdoors and I always feel refreshed by it.

  7. "... he's deaf that would have been wasted wind." Love that. Hook was lucky to have determined owner.s

  8. I am relieved that Hook was okay. It must be hard dealing with a dog who cannot hear.

  9. Oh man, what a terrible feeling it must have been to find your old deft dog half buried and stuck. I'm glad he's OK.

    I love how the light reflects on the tall grass.
    Hugs, Julia

  10. I'm relieved that you found him. The late great smooth collie Faulkner was deaf for a couple of years before he died. I was grateful that he never wanted to be far from me and that I'd taught him hand signals as soon as I got him. We had our own personal sign language.


  11. Haha he tried to get back before you noticed.


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