Saturday, August 26, 2017

A day I will remember.

I learned how to play guitar when I was barely a teenager. My mother walked around for weeks with cotton in her ears. She heard Hang on Snoopy, and Green Green Grass of Home so much during the first months when I was struggling that I'm convinced she broke out into hives whenever she heard one of those songs on the radio.

The thing about any skill is this – practice makes you better.

Throughout my life, my progress has been ebb and flow. I played a great deal in high school, but afterward not so much.

When Uncle Sam drafted me and sent me to Panama, several people in my barracks were very good on guitar. My friend Jocko taught me a great deal about playing. He also taught me how to listen. It was a time of growth.

Jilda and I have played music together since she sang in Miss Dora High talent/beauty contest in 1969.

Soon after we married, we began writing songs together. Someone asked me once how many songs we've written. The only answer I could come up with was, "a lot."

Music has been one of the core values we've shared with our circle of friends. We have friends who don't play music, but we have a lot of friends who do.

We invited a group of those friends over tonight.  We sat around and played songs we've written and a few songs that were written by others that we loved.

It was a day I will remember.


  1. That does sound like fun. You are right about practice, I spend a couple of hours a day at it and after four years I have gone from bad to almost not bad.

  2. There are a lot of happy smiling faces there. Definitely a day to remember - and cherish.

  3. Indeed, a day to remember, a time to remember, good friends, good music.

  4. I remember my brother driving wveryone in the house crazy woth ine of those little flutes from school music class. I took a couple guitar lessons but didnt learn anything. I want to learn to play a harp and a harmonica.

    1. Oh good Lord at my spelling! Thats what commenting from an iphone in a hurry will do. Geeez sorry bout that.

  5. It is a fine collection of musicians sitting on the steps.

  6. I love all the smiling faces. Glad you had a day to remember!

  7. Awwww, that's a nice column, Rick. Music is balm for the soul. It's good for fun, healing, good and bad times, and is a true gift. Keep on strummin' my friend. Keep on strummin'. Susan

  8. That's great. When my son started playing the trombone when he was in the fourth grade, I thought I'd die. It was horrible. He ended up a great trombonist. I could have spent hours listening to him play in the high school jazz band.


  9. Sounds like a perfect day.

  10. What a beautiful day and magical as well

  11. We who are tone deaf can easily 'envy' you and 'em gitar players. You know the feeling of 'the guy' in the barracks who breaks out the 'ax' and starts and soon has an audience yelling do you know, "so & so". I found the same on the deck of a ship. Translated by Kirk Douglas singing 'Got a whale of a tale to tell you lads.......' on the deck of a ship.
    So many musicians have made a lonely evening of the soldier/sailor better just by strumming. Thanks for kicking in some memories.

  12. Anonymous2:08 PM

    When my son started to play the trumpet in middle school, it sounded like a moose dying. The first time he played a sweet pure note I shouted, "The moose lives!!" He knew exactly what I meant.


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