Saturday, August 19, 2017


We did the wedding tonight. We did cover songs we'd never done before. We practiced till our fingers were raw trying to get the songs right. We play a lot of coffee houses and festivals.  When you play a great deal, it's not uncommon to make a mistake every now and then. But a wedding...A wedding is a life event.

All of my frettings were wasted energy because we played the songs flawlessly. It was a beautiful thing...The wedding I mean.

We are honored that our friend Laken asked us to play on her special day. I've never seen her happier.

We talked to the father of the bride at the reception and he asked if we'd paid attention to the sunset the last night at the rehearsal dinner. I told him I had. He asked if I saw the sunset that was brighter on one side than it was on the other. I told him that I did see it and actually took a picture.

He said one of his friends told him the reason that the horizon was darker on the western side. He said it was the shadow of the earth. I'd never seen the phenomena but I knew there had to be some explanation. Maybe his friend was pulling our chain. Have any of you ever seen this phenomenon?


  1. What an interesting perspective. I will have to explore it further. I have noticed that one side of a rainbow is always much darker...

  2. Great photo and I have seen this more than once..pretty cool. Glad the wedding went well.

  3. Never saw it before. If there is a different explanation I hope someone will share it.

  4. I've never seen a sunset like that one before. But then each and everyone is different. How great you happened to catch the precise moment the father of the bride was talking about. A phenomenon indeed! Glad all went well! Congrats to the bride and groom!

  5. Ill take his word for it! This is awesome!

  6. I sure would not know. BUT I like folk that know stuff! ;-)

  7. This is a new and novel sunset for me. God outdid Himself on this one.

  8. I've not experienced this before.

  9. That is very interesting, I have never heard of it before.

  10. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Now that I think of it, I HAVE seen it before!!

  11. If it's the shadow of the earth, the earth is flat, lol!
    I think it's more likely shadows formed by clouds. Try looking up images of "crepuscular rays" and see if you find some similar to yours.

    1. ...although, I should add that sometimes shadows formed by mountain peaks can form crepuscular rays, in which case, I suppose one could say that's the shadow of the earth.


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