Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Slim pickins

I had physical therapy for my knees this morning. I headed out after coffee. Low-hanging clouds the color of ash kept the sun hidden. As I pulled into the parking lot and clicked my gearshift into Park, flecks of rain dotted my windshield.

On the way into the facility, a shrub with a gnarly purple flower caught my eye. Knowing I'd need a picture for the blog tonight, I snapped a few before stepping inside. Shortly after signing, a downpour made the metal roof roar.

The tropical wave had moved on toward the north by the time I'd finished my session. I stopped by a Starbucks on the way home for a mocha and a copy of the New York Times. I love that newspaper. The writers know how to tell a story.

Not much else to report today. I hope hump day has been kind to you.


  1. I gotta love a guy that can make a good blog entry with parking a truck, a good cup of coffee and a news paper. You do good dude!

  2. Love the purple bloom.

  3. I hope you knee feels better today. I love that a flower catches your eye and that you choose to read the actual newspaper.

  4. Hope your knee feels better. Im heading out today for a Hida scan. Yuk. It looks like its gonna rain. Wish I had a metal roof to enjoy that sound.

  5. When I first saw your picture I thought it was a purple fish.

  6. I did get over the hump of the week just fine, thank you ! I love the colors as we change into fall. Lots of purple wild flowers and yellow ones too along the road this time of year.

  7. How long will you have to have the therapy? While I'm sure you are able to get around better the therapy can't be fun.

  8. That's a beautiful shot. It shows the intricacy of the tiny blooms.


  9. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Today you wrote about nothing, & I still loved it!!


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