Sunday, August 20, 2017

Uncool day

Jilda and I were sitting on the sofa reading the Sunday papers. The temp outside was 96ish. Just then, the lights went off and the ceiling gently whirred to a stop. Crap. The power went off.

I called the power company and the recording said the power should be on. I'm glad they don't actually record the conversations because at this point I said some unkind things to that machine.

A little over an hour later, I heard the power truck driving up and down the road. They do this every time looking for the source of the problem. Sometimes it's a limb on the lines down beyond us in the bottoms. And, sometimes I think a squirrel poots on the transformer and it goes off.

At any rate, he drove by the house a couple times and the power still didn't come back on.

I got in my truck and drove up the road slowly. I know which pole the fuse is on. When it blows, our power is off until it's reset. He was standing at the pole when I got there and tried to reset the fuse, but it blew again. The problem still existed.

A while later, our power came on and I thought the problem had been resolved. But a while later I saw the power guy walking behind my house and toward the neighbor's house. I walked out back to speak with him.

Apparently, our elderly neighbor's power was still off. He said the transformer behind the neighbor's house had blown and since they couldn't get a boom truck back there, they would have to do it by hand.

I said, "Why don't you drive the boom truck down our barn road and drive it over there. This is my property and whatever it takes to get her power back on, it's OK with me." He said, "Barn road?"

I walked back and showed him how to drive the massive truck down our little road, and through the fields so that they could drive into her yard.

I could see relief spread across his face.

A few minute ago, I looked out the garden door and a truck the size of Rhode Island was driving through our field.

Hopefully, they'll have her power on soon.

I hope your day has been cool.


  1. What a great neighborhood are!

  2. Community and knowledge.

  3. I know you like being a good neighbor, it must make you feel good to be able to help. OH, I know the name of that plant, (I think) Cholea (?) I just asked my wife when we saw a beautiful one near here. If I am right it will be the first other than a rose or tulip I knew. LOL Good read!
    We sure miss 120v and 240v when it is off!

  4. You are indeed a good neighbour. And I love the coleus.

  5. Thankfully we don't get 96 degree days very often. It has to be really terrible to be without air conditioning. The picture almost looks electrifying. Isn't natures artwork the best !

  6. That was a nice thing you did for your neighbor, letting that huge truck drive over your land.

  7. It's too hot to be without power, especially for the elderly.


  8. You deserve a pie for being such a good neighbour.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. You are a great neighbor. My day was pretty cool.

  10. What is cool is you letting the truck drive down your barn road so she could get power back on


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