Sunday, August 27, 2017


We didn't have waffles when I was a kid. Waffle irons were expensive. Instead, we had buttermilk pancakes. My mom whipped them up on special occasions. The only syrup we used in those days was Golden Eagle. The company that made the syrup ran ads on the radio. The morning DJ on WVOK used to say, "Golden Eagle sopin' syrup on my biscuits. Ain't nothing better."

Last fall our waffle maker died. It broke my heart. We didn't have waffles that often, but I knew I'd miss them. We swore we'd get a new waffle maker, but we never did...until last week.

We were whupped last night after clean-up duty. This morning we slept until almost 7:30. It had been a while since we'd slept in.

After coffee, I went out to do some yard work I'd been putting off because of the sweltering heat.

When I came in for water and to cool off, I smelled bacon in the oven. Yes, Jilda does our bacon in the oven.

The next thing I heard was the beeping of the new waffle maker. A few minutes later, we sat down with a jug of LL Bean Maple Syrup. It wasn't Golden Eagle, but it was good.

If there's anything better than blueberry waffles on the planet, then I want to taste it.


  1. I have never owned a waffle maker but this picture might change this.

  2. Waffles are largely alien to me. Which may be a mistake.

  3. I love my waffle maker! I prefer waffles over pancakes but pancakes come in 2nd. You put all kinds of things in a waffle maker. Waffle a brownie and youll see.

  4. Your Jilda knows the way to your heart ! Nothing says lovin' better than something from the oven!

  5. I need to invest in a waffle maker, just seeing your waffles there is making my mouth water.

  6. Our favorite is the Pecan waffle. Sherry would love the blueberry I could definitely eat one! ;-)

  7. Blueberry waffles rank very high on my list of wonderful things.

  8. One day look into making french toast waffles....heaven.

  9. Anonymous2:31 PM

    OMG, that looks SO GOOD!!

  10. That table pic should be in a magazine! How delish it all looks. I love waffles and don't make them enough. We have them every Christmas Eve! That tradition started when my kids were little and we still do it today. I don't think there's anything better than blueberry waffles! Jack has a good buddy who makes his own maple syrup and we treasure every drop! P.S...I make my bacon in the oven too! Much less messy and it always comes out nice!

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