Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday stuff

I know Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but Jilda and I haven't stopped today. We had had lunch with Jilda's sister Pat. Jilda cooked a meal for our nephew James's family. They have a newborn and the mommy is having issues. Plus we had invited company for dinner this evening.

I worked inside and out to get the house in shape and Jilda has cooked for most of the day. When our company left this evening, we looked at each other and without a prompt, we went to put on our pajamas.

The kitchen was a mess as you might imagine. We don't go to bed with a dirty kitchen, so that was the next flurry of activity. After a time, the kitchen was as tidy as an Army barracks.

I almost played a get out of a blog, free card.

Below is a picture from the archives. I wish I knew the name of this plant but tonight I'm too tired to look it up.


  1. Could your plant be Queen Anne's Lace?
    It does sound like a busy day, and I hope it was pleasant as well as productive.
    Sleep well.

  2. That sounds like you both are very generous and has a very busy day. I hope that you indeed slept well. That does look like a Queen Anne's Lace plant.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. we also have the kitchen rule. I think I would be grumpy if we awoke to a mess.
    Good to 'relapse' when needed!

  4. Queen Anne Lace is one of my favorites and it's sad it's called a weed. I'd welcome one in my garden. Sunday dinners may be a lot of work at times but so worth it. The company of family and friends is priceless!

  5. Dear Rick, I agree with EC's comment--it's Queen Anne's Lace. A day like that would have me in my bed for hours of sleep and then naps the next day! Peace.

  6. Anonymous12:52 PM

    An old time comedian, Billy de Wolfe, used to use the line, "Busy, busy, busy!!" This reminded me of him.

  7. Definitely Queen Anne's lace. Our country roads were layered with them, along with other crazy beautiful weeds/flowers.

    You should read about Queen Anne, and there is a poem I posted ever so long ago.

  8. Mom used to put these flowers in a vase and add food coloring to the water. they would turn whatever color the water was. It was always fun as a kid to do this.

  9. Rest well. You've earned it.

  10. The first half of my Sunday was busy and the second half lazy so a all in all good day


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