Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fishing report

The college was a ghost town today. The kids and teachers won't be back until next week. This left the staff to keep the ship tethered to the educational dock. My work involves people over 50 who aren't really students. 

My calendar was clear today which gave me time to catch up on all the things that kept getting pushed to the next day, next day, next day, next day. It was refreshing just checking things off.

Once I left for the day, I stopped by the forks of the river to get the fishing news. It seems that the fish weren't biting. That's common during the Dog Days of summer. I could have told them that no self-respecting fish would bite because the cows are laying down. I verified that in the picture I posted yesterday. I should probably explain that there's an old saying that proclaims: If the cows are laying down, the fish won't bite. I wonder if that means the fish don't bite when the cows are sleeping either? I'll have to ask an old geezer about that to verify. No wait, I'm an old geezer. 

So, the news from the forks today has been independently verified. 

In my broadcast voice – Don't bother fishing today because the cows are laying down. No self-respecting fish would dare bite.

Enough of that drivel. I shot another picture of a butterfly. I can't help it if I love these little critters.


  1. I thought I read somewhere that's it's always a good day to fish. Or something like that! That butterfly looks like it was posing just for your pic..what a diva!

    1. It's always a good day to fish, not always a good day to catch them.

  2. That butterfly is SPECTACULAR. And your photo is great too.

  3. That butterfly sure is a Diva, it looks absolutely spectacular on that contrasting colored flower.

    I never heard that saying but when the cows are full and tired, they lay down, lol.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. The fishing may not be good at all, but the butterfly is beyond expectations. Aren't the amazing!

  5. That's both funny and true, we are the old geezers now, that is a gorgeous butterfly. Ok I'm ready for a shady spot on the riverbank whether the fish are biting or not.

  6. Wow- you got the swallowtail to pose nicely for you. I've been trying to get a shot like that all summer. Now I'm jealous! :-)

  7. I thought that when cows lie down it means that they're with calf. The butterfly is beautiful.


  8. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Love the butterfly on the fuchsia flower!!

  9. Lovely colors in the picture.

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