Monday, August 14, 2017

Back Roads

Back roads are the best route. For years I've looked for the fastest route between point A and point B.
Cutting off ten minutes here, and three minutes there made my day. Then I realized when I arrived early, I often wasted the saved time looking at unimportant things on my phone or some other trivial activity.

After I retired, I slowed down. It's hard seeing things when you're in a rush. I rarely stopped in those days to take a picture no matter how remarkable the light was on the subject. The last few years have been different. I slowed down and took the scenic route even if it took five minutes longer. And if I saw a photo op – well I'd have to arrive a little later.

After work today, I headed home. One road that I don't often take has a pond that is almost hidden. Cars pass within 20 feet of the pond and most drivers don't slow down enough to look through the mimosa trees lining the soggy banks.

In the past, I've seen ducks sitting on the railing by the road. The must have tired of swimming and climbed on the rails to watch the passing cars. Today, I pulled in and parked at a wide spot next to the road.

Gravel crunched under my boot heels as I stepped out of the truck. I heard a squawking sound coming from toward the water. Three Muscovy Ducks were coming up to greet me. I'm guessing they thought I was someone bringing them a treat. I squatted down and tried to coax them closer but they wanted no part of that.  So, I apologized for not bringing food and stood up. They continued to look at me expectantly. Pulling the phone from my pocket I snapped a few frames. It almost seemed as if they were posing for me.

As I shoved the phone back into my pocket, I thought to myself as I climbed back into the cab of my truck, "You don't often see this stuff on the Interstate."


  1. The back roads are THE best roads.

  2. I agree, the back roads are the best. I haven't retired yet, not for the wants of it but I've slowed down a bit too and I delight in driving the back roads even it's slower than the highway when I can get away with it.

    The duck picture is magnificent.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. We always take the back roads when we can. The view is always more interesting.

  4. Around these parts of NJ, the back roads never go where you want to go, but I get your point and it transcends roads.

  5. Said very well my friend, so true!

  6. Slowing down is my choice too. It's good to stop and enjoy the beauty all around us. Back roads are wonderful and here we have miles and miles of them with lots of treasures around each bend. The only ducks here are Mallards. I've never seen your kind before. Nice they stopped to posed for you !

  7. I would rather take a back road any day, like you said you don't see things like this on the interstate, nice picture of the ducks, had you brought food just think of the posing they would have done.

  8. I purposely go out for drives on the back roads. The scenery is exquisite and sometimes I am lucky enough to sight a wild animal too.

  9. Always follow the road less taken. I've never seen ducks like those.

  10. I've never seen ducks like these.

  11. Yes the back roads are the best

  12. I'm with you on the slowing down. I was always rushing here and there, trying to fit more into my day. Now I'm retired I love going slow and love having time to go for a drive just to take photos! I think your photos are beautiful and so close to the road and yet so rural too.

  13. Anonymous8:48 PM

    We don't have any back roads in the city!!


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