Saturday, August 04, 2018

A good Saturday

I hit the ground running this morning. The legs on a bench I built about 15 years ago had gone south. It lives on the deck. It holds flowers and herbs year around. Jilda painted it with morning glory vines. We love that bench, but the legs had rotted at the bottom.

I used a pattern to cut the legs when I built it. Since it's not like me to throw something like that away, I figured I still had the pattern stored somewhere in the shed. I was right. I'd bought the 2x12s earlier in the week. This morning I traced the legs from the original pattern and buzzed the pattern with my angry saw. 

The battery-powered screwdriver made short work of removing the rotten legs and installing the new ones. In less than an hour, the repaired bench stood proudly on the deck and ready to serve. 

Next, I cut grass, weed-whacked the back fence, and around the blueberry bushes. I will get up early in the a.m. when the temps are still bearable and lay down the pine bark mulch around the blueberry bushes.

Next, I cut about five acres of grass. On the newer property, I noticed some leaves getting a jump on autumn. I pulled up and snapped a few pictures.

These items that have been languishing on my todo list for weeks.

After a lunch, Jilda and I both showered and took a nap before heading to Zuzu Petal's first birthday party.

Tonight, we grilled a couple steaks and we're laying low. It's been a good Saturday.


  1. A most excellent and productive day.
    And the birthday girl is a honey.

  2. No leaves changing here at all. That bit of color looks so out of place, but fall is coming. Good times for you getting all that done and having a birthday to celebrate ! Hope you have a relaxing Sunday!

  3. Oh, she is adorable. I wish I had been as busy as you yesterday, but all I managed was laundry.

  4. Very insightful of you to keep that leg pattern. I wish things could be repaired as quickly as they are at your place. Haying season is the busiest and no time to repair anything.

    Zuzu is adorable in her little
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Yep the screw guns sure make a difference, HOWEVER I would shirk at 5 acres of grass cutting. LOL
    Good one and as always I love the color your eye always catches.

  6. Beautiful photo of the leaves and a sweet baby!

  7. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Zuzu Petal looks like an angel!!

  8. Ir was a fulfilling day.


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