Sunday, August 05, 2018

I've been there

An afternoon interview this past week took me down a road I hadn't traveled in years. When you travel familiar paths, it seems much of the landscape is invisible. Something out of the ordinary would have to draw your attention to bring you back to mindfulness,

That's not the case when you travel places you haven't been in a while. I found myself looking for landmarks and trying to see what had changed.

I came across a wide spot in the road and on one shoulder was a patch of daisies. A quick glance in the mirror verified there was no one behind me.

Pulling to the edge of the road, I stepped out long enough to snap a couple pictures.

Soon someone did come into view. They slowed when they saw me parked in the middle of nowhere. I'm guessing they wanted to see what I was up to.

When the guy pulled up next to me, he slowed to a stop and rolled down his passenger side window. He saw that I was taking a picture of the wildflowers. He said he traveled the road daily and hadn't noticed the daisies.

I smiled knowingly as he drove off. "I've been there," I thought.


  1. Haven't we all. I hope that he now sees the wildflowers - and shares the joy.

  2. Now I do like this one because you said a truth here, like Elephant's 'above' I know I have been guilty. I do like it when you take the time to capture 'the one'. I say too often, 'Man, that would have made a great picture' when I do see 'IT'.

  3. My favorite flowers! Wild daisies.

  4. Yes, me too, I've been there. When we're on the fast track, hurrying from one place to another we don't take the time to look, but focus on the road and getting to our destination. So glad I now live in the slow lane and can take the time to see more . Beautiful picture you got of the daisies!

  5. We all do that. What scares me is when I traveled a stretch of road and it seems like i was somewhere else. I can't remember how I got there. It's like my mind goes blank for a minute.
    Working 7 days a week can do that to me.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. I know what you mean. After I moved back to the part of the country where I was raised I appreciate the scenery so much more. Each set of wildflowers and prairie grass makes me smile.

  7. So often we don't notice what is always there in front of us if only we took the time to see what is around us

  8. I love it that you took a picture of these pretty flowers and that the man wanted to make sure you were ok but also that he didn’t notice. I bet he will now.


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