Friday, August 31, 2018

Why not travel more?

Jilda and stay busy most of the time. The work is rewarding but we do a lot just keeping the ship afloat around here. 

During my recovery, we've had a chance to talk about things we want to do in the future. We both want to travel more. To be honest, I'm not sure why we haven't. It seems life constantly throws up roadblocks and opportunities that get in our way.

Recently, we watch a movie while eating dinner. It was filmed at Tybee Island which is off the coast of Georgia near Savannah. It was a beautiful film, and when the credits rolled, we looked at each other and said, "Why have we not been there before?" 

It would be a pretty good drive, but driving makes more sense these days than flying unless you're going across the country and you need to get there fast.

It makes no sense that we haven't traveled more. I know I've whined about this before, but my time on the couch has tweaked my perspective. 

Also, fishing this year has been almost non-existent. It is my intention to fix these situations as soon as my knee gets back online.


  1. It's always good to have a travel plan, the planning is an important part of the journey.
    Now, just make it happen!

  2. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures.

  3. Traveling is a good idea, especially that you live close to family and they could "put an eye" on your property while away. A change of scenery is a must at any age.

  4. Since we RV full time. It's a given that we love to travel. And we always make sure Jim has plenty of time to fish. Gotta have those priorities - life can be short. I applaud your decisions.

  5. Time goes by so fast that if it's something you want to do, do it soon. I know that traveling isn't as much fun for me these days simple due to my age. Do what you can while you can. You are not going to get any younger.

  6. I hate traveling, but I do enjoy the "getting there"

  7. Go! Both of you just get up and go.

  8. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Travel while you still can!! I'm almost 84. We used to travel a lot, but now we're not physically able to.

  9. Savannah is not that far away, but I haven't been there. I hope to go within the next year, just for a couple of days.


  10. One of the reasons I had my knees done was because it inhibited me from doing all the things I wanted to walking with my Grandkiddos in Chicago, or in Portland, or even here at home. I limped around and put off things until I realized life was going on and I wasn't. I hope you and Jilda do travel more and see this fabulous country and all it's beauty..pain free!

  11. traveling is hampered if you have a nest to keep warm. We normally travel full time. My sister leased our home and we didn't have to be concerned with it. Now the story is a little different. BUT we are gonna still give it a try. But my advice is 'do it.' you have been the crutch to lean on by some, now you should just accept their 'help' with the chickens and puppies, and yes, hit the road more. Go for it.

  12. Travel expands the mind and opens the heart.


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