Thursday, August 09, 2018

Point and shoot

I covered a city council meeting tonight, and on the way home I realized I hadn't taken a picture for my blog tonight. 

A hard rain had moved through earlier and was moving off to the north. I snapped this picture out of the windshield of my truck. I was driving so I didn't even look at the scene before I snapped the photo. I just pointed and hoped for the best. Sometimes it works out well, and at other times it's just sad.

I haven't decided which this one is.

Earlier in the week, my days were well planned. When I scratched my eye, everything changed. 

Driving back to Birmingham after lunch, I got in to see my eye doc immediately. I was thankful for that. She looked at my eye with her looking glass and said the meds had worked and that the scratch had improved dramatically. That was good news.

Tonight, I am road weary. So I'm about to drink some Sleepy Time tea and hit the hay.


  1. Glad for the eye improvement. As I was looking at the picture I commented on the color, Sherry looked across the table and asked, "Is that Hawaii?"
    I said no that is Alabama. I do love that color!

  2. It is a surreal picture.

  3. Anonymous11:17 PM

    This time the picture worked!! Glad your eye is doing better.

  4. It was a win. Glad, like everyone else, that your eye is improving.

  5. Good that you eye is improving. Eye stuff is scary, glad you got the meds and that they worked. I like that photo - looks like a painting.

  6. The photo is definitely not sad. More like spectacular.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. You got a wonderful shot. That picture looks like the perfect ending of your day.

  9. Love the colors! Thanks for sending that rain up here! So glad your eye is good!

  10. Yeah for your eye! Glad to hear. Your photo looks like a it!

  11. This is a really cool shot. Looks like a painting.

  12. I do like your photo, in fact I thought it was a watercolour. I take a lot of photos through the car windscreen when I am in the passenger seat.


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