Friday, August 03, 2018

Looking forward

My lower back has been wonky. I've been putting off going to the chiorpractor for a few weeks, but this morning I decided to go.

After walking in and filling out a ream of paperwork, the bonecracker called me back. When I told him the issue he shook his head knowlingly.

I know it's your back hurting, but it's probably because your left knee needs replacing. I think I already knew that.

He did an adjustment and it feels a little better, but I think it my back will get better immediatley after the knee surgery later this month.

It's been hot again today. We walked early, but it looked as if I showered in my clothes. We should start seeing changes in the next several weeks.

I would never wish a moment of my life away, but I think it's OK to say that I look forward to cooler weather.


  1. Cooler weather and a new knee. Improvements to look forward to although the knee improvement may not be as rapid as the weather improvement. :)

  2. How soon i your knee surgery? Hopefully that will also take care of your back.

    1. End of the month. I’m excited:)

  3. The knee bone is connected to the back bone...
    I hear you. I drag a leg, which impacts on my hips and my back.
    I do hope your knee surgery is a cure all.

  4. It would be great if the surgery does the trick for you. Having had back problems most of my life, I learned to use my knees for lifting things, now the knees are wearing out too. Not a good thing for sure. The picture today is pure summer ! Everything is really at it's height of beauty right now. But we know autumn will surely come.

  5. I like the word "bonecracker".
    Yes, there is correlation between the knees and lower back problems. What helps me is watching my body weight. Cloudiness also affects my limbs, but I can do nothing about that. I can, however, try to lose a few pounds and that makes me feel better.

    1. Your exactly right Duta, I really need to shed about 20 pounds. That’s on my agenda in the coming months.

  6. Yes, I want time to slow down a bit. July went by in such a hurry, and I can hardly believe the kids will be back in school in a couple of weeks. Good luck on your upcoming knee surgery. The photo is lovely, and so summery!

  7. Hope your back gets to feeling better. The knee surgery is gonna be great for you. Your gonna be glad you did it.

  8. Our body sure tell us when something is out of balance. My back is talking to me quite often. Sometimes it's the upper back with which I carry the heavy burden of life and sometimes it's the lower back especially during weeding season. I went and got acupuncture treatment and in only one treatment, the pain was totally gone. The beauty of it was that it didn't hurt at all. I'm a firm believer that energy can get trapped and cause pain in our body. The pain gets worst until the energy can flow through again.

    I hope your back feels better today.
    We are having a glorious downpour right now and I can hear the gardens sighing with relief. The raindrops are making their little happy dance on the pavement. It's a beautiful sight.
    Have a happy weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. The spine has a hard job to do. Amazing what it has to do. Knee surgeries are so much easier from years ago.

    Those flowers are so lovely. Hot summers--what can be said about them. Here in sunny hot dry Southern California the temperatures have been in or around 100s.

  10. Love the flowers (and color). I do hope the knee retrofit does the back problem 'away'. I can see where they would interact. Wishing you the best.


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