Thursday, August 30, 2018

End of the journey

I got a text from Texas this morning. It was the daughter of the elderly neighbor that I wrote about a few weeks ago. He died this morning.

Looking at him in the hospital a few weeks ago, I knew it would not be long. He was tired and frail. I won't say much here because this is what I wrote my column about today. It will run on Sunday. I'll probably use this picture again on Monday.

I will miss my neighbor, but his struggles are over now.


  1. So sorry about your neighbor. I'll look forward to your post about him. Even though we never met him, your writing will bring him to life for us. Glad to know your knee is healing as it should and hopefully you'll be back to walking and driving and all the other things we take for granted daily.

  2. Glad that his struggles are over. And of course you will miss him.

  3. It’s always so sad no matter how old or that they are no longer suffering. Good people you want to live forever and, from his hat, he appears to be a veteran whom I always have great respect for.

  4. Ahh the memories that just sailed off with that ship. We are losing many of the old salts. FAir winds and following seas to a sailor.

  5. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Sorry about your friend, but he will live on in your heart (& your posts)!!

  6. My condolences to his family and friends.


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