Saturday, August 25, 2018

Apple tree

The apple tree in our field is ancient.  Woodpeckers love it. Literally, love it. They've pecked some of the limbs so much that they became week and collapsed under the weight of the apples in later summer and fall.

With storms and the drought we had a few years ago, I thought we might lose the old workhorse. But last fall, I pruned all the weaker limbs off the tree and a great deal of the new growth. The idea was to give the inside branches room to breathe.

The tactic worked. It had clouds of blossoms and this summer, the limbs are laden with green apples.
A few of them are beginning to turn. I've seen deer under the tree this past week looking up into the limbs to get an idea about the harvest.  They left giddy.

My knee should be well on the way to full strength by harvest time.

Several years ago we had a weeny roast and a hayride for our great nieces and nephews and their friends. We stopped the trailer full of squealing kids under the apple tree. Lifting the smaller kids up one by one so they could pick their very own apple from the tree.

I'm strong enough now that I plan to walk down to the apple tree tomorrow to get a first-hand look at the progress our tree is making.

Like the doctor told me up front, this week has not been a picnic. But I can now see improvement each day. Maybe one day soon, I won't call the doctor and the therapist's ugly words.


  1. Hi Rick. Good mix of looking forward to visiting the apple tree (and telling us about its care) and the present which is better than yesterday's pain level and your care.

  2. I am glad that you are improving. And feel sure that the doctor and therapist have heard all the ugly words before.

  3. I'll look forward to the post about visiting the tree! I looked at the previous posts and smiled at your pic with the nice to have good friends and family that are there to cheer you up! Soon you'll be a better version of your old self and walking without pain in that knee. Saying prayers for continued good recovery!

    1. Knee surgeries are a hit! I hear of very good results.
      Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  4. I love apples from green the size of a quarter up until they are full growed. Good to hear the reports of the knee, and loved the idea of stopping under the apple tree for the kids, nothing like and a great call by Uncle Rick

  5. Love apples and it’s so nice to have an apple right from the tree. I would not walk too soon to the tree.

  6. Soon you will only remember the good the doctors and therapists have done. The amazing thing about pain is that once it is gone it's hard to completely remember.

  7. How wonderful to have an apple tree right where you live. I can imagine that both you and the critters will enjoy its bounty....Havrest time is not very far away at all, nice you'll be able to enjoy it with your new knee! Just take it slow and easy...

  8. Glad to hear your improving. I remember eating green sour apples off of an apple tree once as a kid and had the worst belly ache ever. I still think they are the best though.

  9. Anonymous1:53 PM

    May your pain be but a distant memory SOON!!

  10. I love apples and would love to have our own apple tree


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