Sunday, August 12, 2018


We have a new swing in our backyard. It's actually an old swing that someone gave us. They were going to toss it. 

I picked it up before they changed their minds. We found a place in the shade of the pine and sweet gum trees. 

Jilda and I have never had a swing of our own. We have lawn chairs, loungers, and benches but no swing.

Both our parents had swings on their porches when we were growing up. They came as standard equipment even on old camp houses. Some of them didn't have indoor bathrooms, running water, or air conditioning, but they all had swings on their front porches. 

Sometimes late on summer evenings after dusk chased off most of the light, you could hear squeaking chains on front-porch swings. 

I missed our old swing. Jilda and I kept saying we were going to get one, but we never did...until yesterday. 

After unloading the old swing, we found its resting place. It was covered in some kind of sap that hid most of the yellow paint. Taking the pressure washer, I washed off most of the sap. The rest seemed to be embedded. I headed for the shed for sandpaper, but Jilda insisted we leave some of it on the swing. "It makes it look used," she said. I nodded my head in agreement.

The heat index was over 100 today. This evening, a breeze out of the west began to blow. I took a glass of ice tea out and sat on our new/old swing. It felt right.


  1. That is one solid looking swing; an outdoor rocker. I can see you and Jordon sitting there shooting the breeze, cool drinks in hand, after working hard on a yard task.

  2. Very nice, even has cup holders, all it needs is a front porch.

  3. It looks most excellent.]

  4. Good find, lots of swing time ahead.

  5. I'm glad Jilda stopped you, it looks just right. My Grandparents had a porch, but no swing. Instead they had a glider that I loved, it was so relaxing. My Grandmother would sit, stare out at nothing and twiddle her thumbs.

  6. Swings are wonderful. I used to have one on the front porch and I spend many wonderful hours there. Now I make do with a rocking chair on the porch, there is no way to hang a swing. But I do love rocking too so that's ok. Enjoy your new/old swing, it will bring many hours of pleasure.

  7. Sadly, we couldn't find 'the' house with a wide Southern porch. Maybe my nursing home will have something with a swing?

  8. I love swings on porches..I just love swings and having a nice drink to sit back and listen to nature. I am bad as i would get the paint out:)

  9. That swing looks so inviting. A nice tall glass of iced tea in the late afternoon completes the picture.

  10. Anonymous1:51 PM


  11. How lucky you were to snatch this treasure.

  12. One of our favorite things also. Both places we park here in NC we have swings. We spent at least two hours in this one today. Two of our favorite 'just talk places' is in the swing or on a walk.
    I like your swing!!!

  13. That swing has cup holders!! Haha.


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